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Content: B2B roaming prices

Using your business mobile phone abroad.

Phoning from abroad doesn't have to cost the earth. You can take out a travel option like Go Europe or Go World.

Keep costs down with the flat rate call and SMS prices below. You get low rates when you phone locally or back to Switzerland. With single tariff pricing you know how much a call will cost so you can't run up an unexpectedly high bill.

Where in the world can you use your phone?

You can make and receive calls in most European, Asian and African countries and major locations in North and South America. Before you go, check that:

Countries are grouped into five travel zones.

Rates for calls and SMS from one country to another

These rates apply to all business subscriptions

Calling toCalling from
Travel zone A
Neighbouring countries
Travel zone B
Western Europe
Travel zone C
Rest of Europe
Travel zone D
North America
Travel zone E
Rest of the World
Back to CH1.702.–2.902.904.80
Travel zone A1.702.–2.902.904.80
Travel zone B2.–2.–2.902.904.80
Travel zone C2.902.902.902.904.80
Travel zone D2.902.902.902.904.80
Travel zone E4.804.804.804.804.80
Incoming calls0.600.801.–0.80.2.–

An SMS costs CHF 0.45 wherever you are and wherever you're sending it. Receiving an SMS is free.

Prices in CHF/min
Local calls, calls back to Switzerland, inter-zone calls and incoming calls are charged per minute.

Roaming rates with Business Flex

TALK (in CHF / min.)Business Flex Start, Swiss, InternationalBusiness Flex Travel
IncludedAdditional usageIncludedAdditional usage
Travel zone AIncoming calls0 min.0.60200 min.0.40
Local calls1.100.40
Back to CH1.700.40
Travel zone BIncoming calls0 min.0.80200 min.0.40
Local calls1.200.40
Back to CH2.000.40
Travel zone CIncoming calls0 min.1.000 min.0.80
Local calls1.301.20
Back to CH2.901.90
Travel zone DIncoming calls0 min.0.800 min.0.80
Local calls2.001.20
Back to CH2.901.90
Travel zone EIncoming calls0 min.2.000 min.0.80
Local calls2.201.20
Back to CH4.801.90
(in CHF / SMS)
Travel zone A & B0 SMS0.35200 SMS0.35
Travel zone C, D & E0 SMS0.350 SMS0.35
(in CHF / MB)
Travel zone A0 MB2.00200 MB0.75
Travel zone B
Travel zone C15.000 MB4.00
Travel zone D
Travel zone E6.00

You may be asked for a financial guarantee before you can make international calls.
Calls are billed by the minute, SMS by the unit and data in volumes of 30 KB. Once you've used your included allowance, you pay the standard tariff.
Unused minutes, SMS and MB can't be carried over to the next month.
Prices include VAT.