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Every business is unique.

Whatever your business, we have the solution that fits - for start-ups, construction, retail, professional services, health and hospitality.


Take your office out on-site. With 4G coverage you can get updates, record data and sort out any problems fast. Team conferences calls are easy on a mobile network that covers 99% of Switzerland.

You can't work without your mobile. Relax insurance covers you if it gets lost or damaged – you'll get a new one the next day.

Opt for a rugged device. Then if you do drop your phone in a puddle it won't get damaged.

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Run your own store or hair salon? There's a Plus Business subscription priced just right for you. Choosing a flat rate, for example, gives you complete peace of mind about the bill.

Placing orders and controlling stock can eat up your data allowance. Surf can help you keep costs under control.

Great customer service depends on fast, reliable connections. If your building has areas where the signal is poor, Salt gives you a free Booster Box so that mobiles work everywhere.

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Professional services.

Want a solution fast? Call your personal advisor. No recorded messages, no repeating yourself – just a straight answer.

Need GPS to get to an appointment? Want to check your diary? When you're constantly connected, it's no problem. An unlimited data offer keeps costs under control.

Travel on business? With Unlimited Roaming, you don't have to track down the nearest Wi-Fi and you can keep in touch without worrying about the cost.

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Your priority is taking care of your patients. A reliable and fast 4G connection is a big time-saver when you need to find a patient's address or check the next appointment.

With a Salt Pack you get a tablet as well as a mobile. Share data between the two. Update notes, order and organise delivery of drugs and add the next appointment on the spot.

For emergency situations and accidents, your system can automatically evaluate the severity level, find the closest available response unit and quickly dispatch resources such as ambulances, fire engines and police. M2M is the solution.

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Hotels and restaurants.

You need your employees to be reachable so they can respond quickly to customer requests but you would like to benefit from the limited need for outgoing calls to keep monthly costs down. Or you communicate a lot with partners and customers living abroad. In both situations Plus Business offers you the perfect solution.

If your building has areas where the signal is poor, you get a free Booster Box to keep your staff and customers connected wherever they are.

Fixed lines are important for conference facilities. Keep the costs low with Office Team.

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Didn't find your business?

Every business is unique. And there is a telecoms solution that will suit your needs 100%. Our experts can help you decide what it is.

You can combine the subscriptions and devices that are exactly right for your business. Check out our top-selling business offer: a Salt Pack containing a phone, a tablet and other essentials like Bluetooth.