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4 business models.

Work with us in MVNO, wholesale, third-party or Internet of Things (IoT).

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MVNO or reselling partnerships.

Sell top-quality telecommunications services through your own brand, to your own customers. You'll get support from a dedicated and experienced partner service team who take a long-term approach.

There's a range of business models – from revenue share to airtime – that can be tailored to your needs. Start earning revenue in weeks with our plug and play platform.

Wholesale partnerships.

A wide range of wholesale services like transit, transmission, interconnection and roaming are managed and further developed by our cross-functional team of industry experts. Thanks to contact us to start a fruitful partnership.

Third-party partnerships.

Our third party products give you an easy way to sell services and keep in touch with your customers whenever you like, wherever they are.

  • SMS and MMS premium services:
    For customers to make easy mobile payments for purchases and services such as chats, horoscopes and ticketing.

To find out more about SMS and MMS premium services or get a free quote, please contact us.

  • SMS bulk service:
    Used for advertising campaigns, banking services etc.

To find out more about SMS bulk service or get a free quote, please contact us.

M2M partnerships.

Open your company up to new opportunities by partnering Salt in realising your business ideas. Work with a skilled and dedicated team already creating value through the Internet of Things (IoT) for businesses worldwide.