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Care. Peace of mind for your mobile and tablet.

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We protect your mobile or tablet.

Mobiles and tablets have become indispensable travel companions. But no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Insure and protect your device with our Care, Care Premium and Care Duo policies, and we will repair or replace it promptly. Choose one of our repair locations for a 1h repair or send-in your device to be repaired or exchanged. Insured customers also benefit from a lost & found service in case the device gets lost. You can notify your claim on:


Protects your device against damage.

Damages, such as a broken display or harm caused by contact with liquids, are covered for up to two accidents per year, with an excess of CHF 60.- per claim and device for devices up to CHF 1000.- retail price (excluding any promotions and subsidies) and CHF 120.- for devices above CHF 1000.- retail price (excluding any promotions and subsidies). In case of fraudulent use of your device after theft, an additional coverage of up to 3'000. – is applied.


Care Premium

Protects your device also against theft and technical defects.

In addition to the coverage of damage and fraudulent use, you are covered against theft and you benefit from a manufacturer warranty extension for up to 3 years.


Care Duo

Protection for 2 devices.

Benefit from the advantages of our Care offer for 2 mobile devices – at a lower price.


Our Care offers

When and how.

Care, Care Premium and Care Duo can be added when you take or renew a subscription. You can also sign-up within 6 months after having purchased your device after this one is checked out in a Salt Store. The insurance can be removed or changed at the end of the minimum contract period or extension. Your Care offers have the same term as your mobile subscription.

Superior service for you.

Quick repairs and replacements.

Choose one of our local repair partners to get your device fixed within 1h. Or send it in for a repair or exchange and we deliver back the device to the address of your choice. Shipment is free of charge. If you need a device in the meantime, then simply go to a Salt Store and we will lend you one free of charge.

Free-of-charge Lost & Found service.

Even if you lose your mobile phone or tablet, we will support you. We search through Lost & Found offices and inform you immediately if your device has been found.

Free-of-charge display protector.

As a customer of Care, Care Premium and Care Duo, you will receive a free display protector in a Salt Store. And if it needs to be replaced, come back to your Salt Store for free-of-charge replacement.

Simple claim notification.

You can notify or track a claim at any time on or by calling us call on +41 (0) 44 200 23 92.

For all the details about coverage, services and exclusions, refer to our General Insurance Conditions for Care, Care Duo and Care Premium.