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For a more mobile life.

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Make your everyday life easier.

Life is becoming more mobile. And you need the right gadgets for a mobile life. Key finders, mobile battery chargers and GPS trackers for pets: we have them all. Simply connect and go. No subscription needed. Only available in your Salt Store.

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Bluebee by Salt

No need to search for your keys any more.

Save a trip to Lost Property. With Bluebee by Salt, you will always easily find your lost objects. Attach the tiny Bluebee to keys, bags, computers and other important belongings, then if you lose it, you will find it very quickly with the free Bluebee app. The tiny device will even help you to find your mobile. One click on the Bluebee button, and your mobile starts ringing. Smart.

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TRAX by Salt

Know where your kids are.

Whether they are playing in the woods, on the way to school or somewhere in the crowd at the fairground, with the TRAX GPS tracker by Salt, you will always know exactly where your children are. Simply give the tiny device to your son or daughter, and the free app will show you exactly where they are at all times.

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Skoubee by Salt

Find your runaway pet.

Even well protected pets sometimes go missing. Keep cool: with Skoubee by Salt, you can find your pet quickly and easily. Every tag has its own unique, digital ID that you can use to define the profile of your dog or cat. If someone finds your runaway, they can use the ID (QR code / NFC chip) to contact you or even bring your pet back home.

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FuelRod by Salt

Takeaway power.

You need power to stay mobile. If your battery is flat, you can use FuelRod by Salt to recharge it. No matter where you are. Just connect your mobile or your tablet to the mobile charger, and enjoy up to 8 hours of extra battery time. And when the FuelRod is empty, you can recharge it using your USB adapter, or exchange it for a new one for free. And it works with the SwapBox too. Put the flat charger in the SwapBox, and you will immediately receive a new FuelRod. It's as easy as that.

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