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Content: Exclusive online offer


Exclusive online offer.

Swiss XXL:

100 min & 4 GB/month in zones A and B. Includes total cost control for roaming data usage in the EU & USA.

Activation fee, incl. SIM card: 59.–. Minimum contract term: 12/24 months.

Excludes short numbers, premium numbers and international premium numbers.

Prices and conditions apply for new subscriptions and contract extensions as of 05.02.2020. Prices and conditions effective at the time of signing of contract apply.

For more information on tariffs go to

Swiss XXL




79.95 with smartphone

In Switzerland:

- Unlimited Internet at 4G+ & 5G high-speed.
- Unlimited calls.
- Unlimited SMS/MMS.

In the EU & USA:

- 4 GB Internet/month 
- 100 minutes calls/month
- Unlimited SMS/MMS





Or call at 0800 667 667 (free number).

(***) For more informations : here 
(***) For calls to Switzerland, incoming calls and local calls within the country of stay. Calls within the travel zones are not included.
Offer valid on conclusion of a new Salt Mobile subscription without phone for 24 months for the first 5'000 customers.
Activation fee incl. SIM card: 59.-