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Content: Control my expenses

Control my expenses.


Optimize my costs

Keep an eye on My Account > Usage for current consumption.
Check also the tabs Subscriptions, and Options to find out which subscriptions and PrePay offers are the most suitable for you.
Check if your phone is compatible with WiFi-Calling.

With Basic / Start: once you have used up your included bundle, you will be guided to a page offering additional bundles, valid 30 days after activation:

  • 200 MB: CHF 9.95
  • 1 GB: CHF 16.95
  • 5 GB: CHF 29.95

Check your detailed bill on My Account > bill, to find out the premium service's short number.

Then go to the page Search for short number and use the indicated keywords to deactivate the service(s):

  • To deactivate one specific service:
    STOP [name of the service] to the short number of the service provider.

  • To deactivate all services of a specific service provider:
    STOP ALL to the short number of the service provider.

  • To block access to all adult services via your connection** (independently of the service provider):

    BLOCK ADULT to 5155.

  • To block access to all premium services via your connection** (independently of the service type and provider):

    BLOCK ALL to 5155.

    Please take note: You will no longer have access to any premium service at all and will no longer be able to use your mobile phone for service payments (e.g. Selecta vending machines, parking tickets etc.).

* You can search by provider name or by number.

** Blockage on Salt network level.

Limit roaming costs

It’s never too late! You can activate the options anytime. Just go to My Account > Set up or send an SMS to 5155 with:

In addition to disabling “data roaming”, we recommend disabling “mobile data” in general.
On the Samsung S7 for example, the “smart network switch” function must also be turned off. Some Android devices also feature a “data saver” function, which the user must activate.
To prevent any further risk, the following functions should also be deactivated:

Yes, you need both options, because (Talk/Internet) “Europe” covers zones A & B, while (Talk/Internet) “World” includes zones C, D & E. Note that zone F, X & Y and satellite zone are excluded.

Click here for more details.

Check the subscriptions as well as the options for subscriptions and PrePay offers we provide to make sure you have the most suitable service for your roaming needs.
In order to avoid roaming costs completely, check if your phone is compatible with WiFi-Calling.

If you run out of data, you will be guided to a page offering additional data bundles, valid 30 days after activation.

Important: Without any option or additional data bundle you may be charged up to 15.-/MB, depending on the travel zone you visit. For more details see Roaming.

Receiving messages and calling your Voicemail with Salt domestic network is free.

  • Receiving messages is charged twice, once as an incoming roaming call and once as an outgoing roaming call
  • Calling your Voicemail is charged as an outgoing roaming call

In order to avoid these charges, we advise you to deactivate your voicemail before your trip (ref. How do I deactivate my Voicemail and reactivate it again?).

For details on options and data volumes abroad, click on Roaming.

Make sure you open the page with Firefox or Safari.
It is not possible to purchase additional data packages with the mobile browser Opera (and only on a limited basis with Chrome).

My consumption

It refreshes on the 10th of every month (date of your bill).
If you're a Business customer it refreshes on the 1st of every month.
You will receive an offer to purchase an additional bundle to keep you surfing if you need it before these dates.

With a computer (or your mobile phone, if it is connected to the WiFi network):

Go to My Account > usage > Surf

With your mobile phone connected to the mobile network (not WiFi):
Go to

Additional Services

Any copy of a document (except bill copies) costs CHF 9.95.
For bill copies, see section:
Are there any fees associated with invoicing?

eBills and bills delivered by e-mail are FREE.

Paper bills delivered monthly by post cost:

  • CHF 2.95/month for summary bills.
  • CHF 5.-/month for detailed bills.

An additional copy of the bill costs:

  • CHF 4.95* when sent by e-mail (up to 6 bills).
  • CHF 9.95* when sent by e-mail (for more than 6 bills).
  • CHF 9.95* when sent by post (up to 6 bills).
  • CHF 19.95* when sent by post (for more than 6 bills).

Copy of the account statement/account summary with invoice and payment details (dates, amounts, methods, etc.) costs CHF 9.95*.
*This fee is charged to cover the administrative fees. You can access My Account > Bills and get your invoices and payment details for free.

If you don’t pay your bill by the due date:

  • After a certain period of time, you will receive reminders. Each reminder will cost you CHF 30.-.
  • If payment is still not received, at some point, your line will be suspended. That costs CHF 50.-.
  • Note that even if your line is suspended we may send you reminders. Each reminder will cost you an additional CHF 30.-.

The cost of a new SIM card is CHF 59.-

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