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Content: Pay and Recharge

Pay & recharge.

Bill and payment

You can choose between:

  • Bill by e-mail
  • E-bill
  • Bill by post (with extra charge for paper & postage)
    In My account you can:
  • See and pay all your bills
  • Change the delivery method. Go to Profile > Bill delivery
    Note that e-bill needs to be activated via your e-banking/e-finance account.

You can pay via:

  • Direct debit
  • E-bill
  • Credit card
  • E-banking
  • Post offices with a BVR with reference number
  • Salt Stores
    Check details on How you get & pay your bill

When you make roaming communications, you are connected to one of the mobile networks in your host country.

For invoicing purposes, operators in some countries may replace some destination numbers with generic numbers.

This is often the case for communications to service numbers, hotlines or value-added service numbers etc.

(France Telecom, for example, systematically replaces all short numbers with the generic number +333000 on their invoices.)

Sometimes an operator has simply not registered the destination number and, therefore, indicates a generic one.

Sometimes it is possible to find the real destination number on a search site of the country you travelled to (e.g., .fr, .es, etc.).

So, basically, the issue is not linked to any billing error but to the invoice display.


You can always recharge credit, no matter where you are.

  • Online with a voucher PrePay recharge > Voucher
  • Online with a credit card PrePay recharge > Credit Card
  • On My Account with a voucher or a credit card My Account > PrePay recharge
  • In a Salt Store
  • In our partners shop:
    Salt Points - SBB ticket machines - ATMs of many banks (Credit Suisse, UBS, most cantonal banks, PostFinance and many more) - mobile voucher shops - K Kiosk, Naville and Relay stores - mobilezone stores - Coop stores, Coop Pronto, Coop City, Coop Bau + hobby - Migros supermarkets, Ex-Libris, Migros Sport XX, m-electronics, Do it + Garden Migros - InterDiscount - Fust - Denner - gas stations (e.g. Agip, Shell, Avia, Esso, BP) - Media Markt - Swiss post offices - many kiosks, restaurants and independent shops

The PrePay account is automatically suspended after 390 days without being used. It is definitively cancelled after another 45 days (435 days in total). To avoid this, recharge your account. The limit is also reset to 390 days after each call you make and after each SMS you send.

If you have a voucher:
Enter #121*RECHARGECODE# or #121*RECHARGECODE#PHONENUMBER# (if you want to recharge someone else’s PrePay phone), without spaces and press the call button.
Call 0800 700 555 free from your mobile, abroad +41 78 700 55 55 (you’ll pay roaming rates based on your subscription):

  1. Select “recharge your account”
  2. Enter the recharge voucher code and press #
  3. Follow the instructions.
    You can also recharge online at My Account using a voucher or a credit card.

You can migrate from PrePay to a monthly subscription anytime.
Simply call our sales hotline at 0800 078 078.
The activation costs, including the required new SIM card (49.-) will be charged on your first bill.

Please note that your mobile devices consume data, even if you are not actively using the Internet.
Since the daily PrePay rate of CHF 1.99 is charged, as soon as an Internet connection is established, the amount will be deducted from your balance on a daily basis, as long as Internet data remain active.

To avoid this, we recommend that you proceed as follows:

  • Disable mobile data and enable the functionality only when you actually want to surf the Internet.


  • Activate a one of our prepaid data packages.
    (As soon as the included data volume is exhausted, Internet access will be blocked and no additional costs will be incurred.

You can call our customer service on 0800 700 700 and request your usage details of the last 30 days for your outgoing calls, SMS and MMS (the detailed internet data usage is not available).

If you need this information on a regular basis, or for more than 1 month, we suggest you choose one of our subscriptions, in order to be able to access these data anytime.

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