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Check out first our device help follow the instructions until the end where you will either be able to resolve the issue or be guided to the appropriate repair process.

You can register your device for repair service If you have no packaging for it, we’ll provide it.
You can also bring your device to any Salt Store.

To unlock your phone you need the PUK 1 code displayed on the wrapping of your SIM card.
If you can’t find it anymore,

Note: If you’ve entered 10x the wrong PUK-code, your SIM-card will be permanently blocked and you will need a new SIM-card.
For replacement SIM-cards, please contact our customer service or visit a Salt Store

  • If you have Relax: To make a claim, call the AIG hotline on +41 43 333 37 58 or request a call back.
  • If you don't have Relax: If you'd like your phone repaired, register it with our online repair service or bring it to any Salt Store and we'll send it to our repair centre for you.
    If it qualifies for repair under warranty, there's no charge, otherwise you'll pay standard charges.

You have a 1 year warranty on all accessories.
To get a defective accessory repaired:


Go to My Account > Set up > «You currently have»
If you have subscribed to an insurance it will be listed here.

If your device was incorrectly manufactured from the beginning:

  • With Relax/Relax Plus: 3 years
  • Without Relax: 2 years.

If you ordered your device from the Salt online shop please call us on 0800 700 700.
If you bought your device in a store please visit one of our Salt Store.

If your device is still in the warranty period, yes.
You need the warranty document to get the device repaired for free.

Normal wear and tear, consequences of incorrect use, damage or repair by you or others and faults caused by external factors
(e.g. severe impact, damage caused by dropping, liquids, chemicals, dust, extreme heat, extreme cold etc.)

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