Questions regarding the contract & process

Can I receive a discount in case of double billing during the switching period?

Yes, we can offer you Pro Office for free for up to 2 months so that you do not have to pay twice during the transition.

Can I transfer my already active Home subscription to a Pro Office subscription?

Yes, we can transfer an active Home subscription to Pro Office. If Pro Office fits your needs best, contact us to transfer your current Home subscription to Pro Office without any interruption.

How long does it take after registration until the Pro Onboarding team contacts me to conclude the contract?

Our Pro Onboarding team will contact you within 24 and 48 hours. It is important that you answer to continue the rest of the order process. From this moment, you will have a special contact person that will accompany you at every step of your transition.

I am eligible for a fibre connection with a different provider, but not with Salt. Is this normal?

Yes, it is possible that you have a fibre outlet (OTO) which is active with a different provider, but not connected to Salt's fiber network. The availability of our services also depends on the physical connection and the agreements with our partners.

I have to comply with a termination period with my current provider, can I plan a future transition?

Yes, we can accept orders for future transitions up to 6 months in advance.

My mobile line is not yet active with Salt. Can I still use my mobile discount?

You will receive the mobile discount on your Pro Office subscription once your mobile line has been activated and billing has commenced. From this moment, please contact our support team so that the mobile discount will be applied to your Pro Office subscription.

Pro Office is suitable for which type of customer?

Pro Office is suitable for companies with a UID number. You can find your number here:
Private customers cannot subscribe to Pro Office. Instead, they can choose Salt Home.