Questions regarding the internet

Are the transmission rates really symmetrical?

Our fibre technology is based on a symmetrical offer, i.e. that the up- and download speeds are identical.

Can I activate a bridge mode on the Fiber Box?

At the moment, we cannot offer a bridge mode.
In general, the bridge mode is required when the customer wants to connect a firewall or a router to the Fiber Box.

Can I add a TV option with an Apple TV to my Pro Office service?

Yes, TV option is available at CHF 9.95 / month for Pro Office. 
For the Apple TV box, a fee of CHF 138.71 will be charged at activation.
If you are already a Pro Office customer, please contact our customer service on 0800 700 550 to activate the option. For new Pro Office customers, our Pro Onboarding Team will contact you to ensure a smooth activation process and will be able to activate your TV option.

Can I configure a Wi-Fi guest access?

Yes, you can set up two Wi-Fi networks, one for your company and another one for the Wi-Fi guest access.

Can I connect a network printer?

Yes, you can connect your printer to the Fiber Box via LAN or Wi-Fi. Then all devices can print using this printer.

Can I connect an external hard drive, a USB stick or a NAS system?

Yes, you can connect a USB stick or an external hard drive to the box. The NAS functions as well as the media server can be used to share the data in your network. In addition to that, the box features DLNA functions to share music, videos and multimedia content in your network.

Can I connect my alarm system?

Yes, you can connect your alarm system to the Fiber Box via LAN or Wi-Fi.

Can I connect my own firewall to the box?

At the moment, we cannot offer a bridge mode.

Can I connect my payment terminal?

Yes, you can connect your payment terminal to the Fiber Box via LAN or Wi-Fi.

Can I manage who may access to the internet and when?

The Fiber Box includes parental safety features, which you can use to specify who (devices) may access the internet at a given time.

Can I speak to a technician to get all the details?

You can contact your Pro Office advisor with any questions that you might have regarding your subscription. They will gladly help you. Should they be unable to provide you with a suitable answer, they will then do some research and get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I use DynDNS?

Yes, you can use DynDNS with the Fiber Box, but you need to order the fixed IPv4 address option to use it properly.

Can I use my VPN?

If you have installed a VPN software on your devices, the Fiber Box allows passthrough functions.
It is impossible to set up a VPN in the Fiber Box.

Can the equipment be delivered to a different address?

Yes, the equipment can be delivered to a different address than your billing address. When processing an order, check the “Deliver the order to another address” box and enter your desired delivery address.

Can you install the material at my address?

Our Pro Office service features «Plug and Play» and our Pro Onboarding team will accompany you at every step of the installation. However, we also offer an «on-site installation» option through one of our technicians. This option costs CHF 199.95 excl. VAT (CHF 215.35 incl. VAT).

Do you offer a backup solution for the internal connection, such as a 4G backup?

No, this option is not available yet.

Does a switch work with the box?

The Fiber Box already includes a 5 port switch. If you want to connect more than 5 devices, you can use a switch to extend the coverage of a cable connection.

Does Pro Office provide fixed or public IP addresses?

IPv6 is provided to all customers.
We can also provide you with an IPv4 address if you order the paid option.
However, we cannot provide more than one IPv4 address.

Does the Wi-Fi extender also work with DECT?

No, the extender improves Wi-Fi coverage, but not DECT coverage.

How can I get TV with Pro Office?

Thanks to the performance of the fibre connection, you can receive TV without any problem.
In contrast to Salt Home, our Pro Office offer does not include Apple TV nor the Salt TV service. However, you can add a Zattoo or CANAL+ option to your Salt Mobile subscription and thus enjoy the benefits of a TV service.
Smart TVs can be connected directly to the internet, either via a LAN connection or simply via Wi-Fi. Depending on the brand and model of the TV, they might use the operating systems Android TV, LG webOS or Tizen. You can then download and use apps such as Zattoo, myCanal, Netflix or Disney+.
The most common streaming devices available on the market are: Chromecast by Google, Apple TV 4K, the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Mi TV Stick. These can also be used to watch TV.

How can I reach 10 Gbit/s?

To reach the maximum speed, the following conditions must be met:

  • cable connection via LAN (Wi-Fi only offers limited speed)
  • use of the 10 Gbit/s port on the Fiber Box
  • use of a device that supports a speed of 10 Gbit/s.
    If all these conditions are met, you can reach a speed between 7 and 8 Gbit/s in both directions. The reason 10 Gbit/s is so popular is that a large number of devices can be connected to the internet without any reductions in speed instead of only connecting one single device that can reach the maximum speed of 10 Gbit/s.
How long does it take to set up the fibre connection?

It can take up to 7 weeks if you do not already have an OTO outlet.
Otherwise, activation will require between 3 and 20 days.

How many Pro Office subscriptions can I have at my address?

Only one. Even if you have two OTO ports, we can only activate one Pro Office subscription per address.

How many Wi-Fi boxes do I need for my office?

The Wi-Fi box included covers up to 150 m2. If you have several floors, we recommend that you place a Wi-Fi box on every floor. These are available as paid options.

I already have a fixed IP address. Will it change when I switch to Salt?

Fixed IP addresses cannot be transferred from one operator to another. This means that it will change.

I already have material for a fibre connection from my current provider. Can I keep it?

The Pro Office service only works with the Fiber Box. You need to exchange your hardware to guarantee proper functioning of Pro Office.

I am searching for a fibre connection with a high quality of service (QoS) and SLA. Is Pro Office suitable for me?

Pro Office is based on a FTTH fibre infrastructure. Our service level is of the «best effort» type and is designed for micro and small enterprises.

I have three office locations, can I interconnect all of them?

The Pro Office products do not support multi-site functions. We are not able to connect your different office locations. If, however, you have different addresses, we can offer you three different subscriptions that are completely independent from each other.

What are the standard settings of my firewall?

The firewall of your Fiber Box X6 has a standard setting which ensures a first protection level of your local network. The firewall of the Fiber Box is set to «Medium» by default. You can choose between three levels in the settings.

What is a Wi-Fi Box extender?

With a Wi-Fi Box extender, you can improve the coverage of your existing Wi-Fi network, with every single parameter such as network name / key remaining completely identical.
When placing your Wi-Fi Box extender at a suitable location, it will optimise the reception and quality of your Wi-Fi network for all your connected devices.

Which model of the Wi-Fi extender is included in the offer?

The Wi-Fi Box (black) model is included. Normally, it is charged with CHF 74.23 excl. VAT (CHF 79.95 incl. VAT). The first device is included free of charge in your Pro Office subscription.

Which other functions does the Fiber Box offer?

The Fiber Box offers a multitude of functions such as a URL filter, DMZ, DHCP, port forwarding, port triggering, MAC filter, etc.

Will you provide me with a firewall?

No, the Fiber Box comes with a basic firewall with 3 protection levels.