Questions regarding the voice services

Can calls be put on hold?

Yes, you can put a call on hold. To do so, you need to activate the service by typing the following: *#43#

Can I activate call forwarding?

You can forward incoming calls in the following three scenarios:

  • Your line is busy.
  • You are unable to take the call right now.
  • You want all your calls to be forwarded to another number.
Can I block international calls to avoid additional calls?

Yes, you can call customer care to block international calls to avoid additional costs.

Can I have five consecutive numbers?

No, the phone numbers are allocated randomly and are not consecutive.

Can I set up automatic call forwarding to a foreign number?

No, we only allow call forwarding to a Swiss mobile or fixed number.

Can I transfer calls internally?

Yes, you can transfer a call to another internal telephone extension via the short number.

Can I use a mobile app to manage my fixed-line phone number?

No, we do not offer a mobile app to manage and use your fixed-line number.

Can you make all phones ring at the same time?

Yes, you can choose which phone rings (one or several) depending on the number that is called.

Do DTMF codes and USSD codes work with my DECT phone?

Yes, most short numbers work on our platform.

Do you offer voicemail?

Yes, our Pro Office service includes a voicemail box per phone number, i.e. 5 voicemail boxes.
To activate them, you need to log in to your customer account, click on a number indicated under «Subscriptions» and then click on the tab «voicemail». Afterwards, the activation will be carried out.
You can change your PIN code and configure your phone number so that you receive call notifications via SMS.

How can I use all functionalities of my current phone?

All functionalities were tested with Salt hardware and are only guaranteed for these devices. We guarantee that all phones which are sold in our stores or on our website are compatible. We cannot guarantee that phones from third-party vendors offer all functionalities.

How do I manage anonymous calls?

You can activate and deactivate the function to reject anonymous calls at any time.

I have a DDI block of 10 numbers. Can I transfer 5 of these to you?

No, according to the law it is not possible to divide a number block. This means that all numbers need to be transferred. Considering that our offer only includes 5 numbers, it is not possible to transfer these numbers to us.

I have a fax machine. Is it compatible with Pro Office?

Fax machines are not supported by our services, i.e. we cannot guarantee that your fax machine will work. We recommend that you use a service such as fax to email/email to fax, e.g.

I have seven numbers. Can I order Pro Office?

Our Pro Office offer comprises up to 5 numbers, which means that this is the number of phone numbers you would receive. It is not possible to order Pro Office twice to receive 10 numbers.

Is my existing phone compatible with Pro Office?

All DECT-certified mobile phones (CAT-iq 2.0) are compatible with Pro Office.
In addition, all RJ11 devices (analogue phones) are compatible with Pro Office and can be connected to the FXS port of the Box.
SIP phones (RJ45 devices) and old ISDN phones are not compatible.