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Your bill explained.

Everything you need to know about your bill.

The bill period goes from the 1st of the month to the end of the month and is billed in advance. Payment is due by the 28th of the month. Sometimes you'll see pro-rata charges. These apply when you have activated or terminated a subscription during a bill period. They may also apply if you have activated certain options during the bill period and these are options for which we only charge for the days used. For example if you activate a subscription on the 20th of March, we will charge from the 20th of March until the 30th of April.

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1. In this section, you will find your new billing account number. As of now this is your unique reference number for all interaction with Salt to ensure fast identification

2. Your initial balance: When your invoice is issued, we will take into account all outstanding amounts and payments received up to the 1st of each month, which corresponds to your initial balance. In case of payment in advance and overpayment, the balance will be in your favour and will be deducted from the total amount of your invoice. Whereas in case of payment delay, the balance will be in our favour and has to be paid immediately in order to avoid additional fees.

Important: On your first invoice: The amount of the activation fees paid during your order is displayed in your favour in this section.

3. Your monthly costs: Your costs for the current month (including VAT) are summarized in the total amount of your invoice.

4. Your Monthly cost:Please pay the invoiced net amount (highlighted in green) by the 28th of each month at the latest.

5. Your QR-bill and payment options: the amount indicated on your QR-bill is the amount you have to pay by the 28th at the latest. Should there be an open balance in our favour, please pay it by using the corresponding QR-bill or, alternatively, online by credit card on My Account or in your nearest Salt Store.

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5. In this section, you will find all details related to your subscriptions, your discounts and your TV packages.

  • Fiber and TV package subscriptions are billed in advance: the charged subscription period is the one for next month
  • Important: On your first invoice, the Fiber and TV packages subscriptions for the first and second months are charged (we do not send a separate bill for the first month). Of course, the first month is billed pro rata.
    Example: if your Salt Fiber subscription starts on 14.01, on the first bill sent in February, you see a charge for February period of CHF 49.95 and a charge for January period of CHF 27.73 (for the period between 14.01 and 31.01).

6. In this section, you will find a summary of all your usage from last month:

  • Your video-on-demand purchase and rental costs
  • Your national, international and premium call usage
    Important: Your monthly subscription is charged in advance and you pay all consumption afterwards. Example: the February monthly subscription is charged on the bill issued on February 1st (subscriptions and options section) and the consumption for February is charged on the bill issued on March 1st (consumption section).

7. In this section, you will find your mobile customer discount. Salt Mobile customers can benefit from CHF 10.- discount on their monthly Fiber subscription. Check it out on

8. In this section, you will find any one-time charges and adjustments
Important: On your first invoice: The activation fees paid during your order will appear in this section.

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9. Usage international calls.

10. Usage national calls.

11. Video-on-demand rental.

12. Video-on-demand purchase.

13. Usage premium calls.



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