Help Mobile Repair



My new accessory is faulty. What can I do?

You have a 1-year warranty on all accessories.

To have the faulty accessory repaired, go to your nearest Salt Store (with the exception of Apple products).

For Apple products, contact Apple directly or visit their support pages.

My device is damaged or is not working. What can I do?

First visit our "Device help and support" page and follow the instructions to the end: this will either solve the problem or redirect you to a suitable repair process, in particular the online repair service form.

If you do not have Salt Care or Relax insurance: if you would like your phone repaired, register it via our online repair service or bring it to any Salt Store and we'll send it to our repair center for you. If a repair under warranty is possible, no charges will apply to you. Otherwise, you will be charged the usual fees.

If you have Salt Care or Relax insurance: you can make a claim directly on the customer portal of i-surance. Please visit the page

If you have Relax insurance: (you signed up for insurance before January 2017): To report a claim, please call the i-surance hotline on +41 44 200 23 92.

PIN code

I entered the wrong PIN three times. How can I unlock my phone? 

To unlock your phone, you need the PUK 1 code displayed on your SIM cardholder. If you can’t find it anymore:

Note: If you’ve entered 10x the wrong PUK code, your SIM card will be permanently blocked and you will need a new SIM card. For replacement SIM cards, please contact our customer service or visit a Salt Store.

You can also order a new SIM via My Account.

  • Go to Subscriptions → Configuration → Order a new SIM.
  • Select the delivery address.
  • Click on "Validate".

This service is free of charge and you will be provided with the same type of SIM card that you already possess.

Mobile ID

I do not receive prompts to enter my Mobile ID on my mobile phone.

On some hardware, the request can only be received if the mobile phone is not in lock screen mode. Please unlock your screen and try again.

My phone displays the error message "SIM Error". What does this mean?

The activation of Mobile ID has timed out. Please activate the service again on

I cannot log into electronic banking, VPN, etc. with Mobile ID

Please go to to check whether your Mobile ID is active and to make sure your PIN is not locked. Then please contact your e-banking provider directly.

Why does my telephone display messages saying "The SIM has sent an SMS"?

Mobile ID uses an application on the SIM which, when it is in use, communicates with the server of the Mobile ID service via encrypted text messages. On some phones, the manufacturers have included alerts which are triggered when this occurs. Unfortunately these notifications cannot be turned off by Salt. On a few mobile phones it may be necessary to confirm that the SMS has been sent.

What do I do if I have forgotten or locked my Mobile ID PIN?

If you forget the Mobile ID PIN or it is blocked, you can create a new one on

This means you have to log on once to the portal of your service provider (e.g. e-banking) without Mobile ID and then associate your account with your new Mobile ID PIN code.

Do you have a problem with Dual SIM adapters?

Some additional adapters for second SIM in mobile phones (Dual SIM adapters) do not support Mobile ID. Mobile ID usually works without problems on phones manufactured for use with two SIM cards.

My mobile displays an error message due to incompatibility. What does this mean?

If your mobile displays the following message: "Sorry, your mobile phone does not support the Mobile ID application. (AA)" - please proceed as follows:

Restart your mobile and repeat the Mobile ID activation process on