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7 days of replay on 260+ channels!



Get 7 days Replay on all channels in Salt TV's basic package for maximum entertainment.

7 days Replay


- 7 days Replay on 260+ channels

- The possibility to fast-forward in your replay programs and recordings*

*with the exception of some private German-speaking TV channels on which additional mandatory ads are inserted (more information below).


per month

Without commitment

7 days Replay Max


- The 7 days Replay option at CHF 3.95/month

- The possibility to fast-forward in all replay programs and recordings on all TV channels (without additional ads)



per month

Without commitment

Replay FAQ

Information regarding replay changes from October 4th 2022 here.

How can I activate my replay option?

You can activate the replay option of your choice instantaneously in the Salt.tv app on your Apple TV in the dedicated TV Shop section. You can also fill in the online form in your My Account (in this case the option will be activated in two working days).

What is the difference between the 7 days Replay option and the 7 days Replay Max option?

The underlying situation: From the 4th of October 2022 you will be shown mandatory ads which you can’t fast-forward when watching time-shifted TV on 19 German-speaking private channels participating in the industry agreement. With the 7 days Replay option, you can watch all TV shows from the last seven days and fast-forward ads with the exception of the mandatory ads on 19 German-speaking private channels. With the 7 days Replay Max option, you enjoy all benefits of the 7 days Replay option and, in addition, you can fast-forward these mandatory ads.

On which channels will additional ads be shown?

At the start of the industry agreement on October 4th 2022, 19 channels participate in it: 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+, 7+ Family / NICK Schweiz, Kabel Eins, NITRO, ProSieben, ProSieben MAXX, Puls 8, RTL, RTLZWEI, S1, SAT.1, SAT.1 GOLD, SIXX, TV24, TV25, VOX. Other channels could join the industry agreement in the future.

What are the new forms of advertising on those channels?

The following three new ads formats are introduced:

- Start ads: short ad shown at the start of a program on time-shifted television.

- Fast-forward ads: ads shown when fast-forward is used in a linear ad break on time-shifted television.

- Pause ads: static ads shown after pressing the pause button on live or time-shifted TV.