Mobile normal use policy

In the Contract between us, Salt agrees to provide you with Services (which means all Salt telecommunications services including voice, SMS and data) and you agree to exclusively use them for 'normal use'.

Normal use definition.

This means use of the Service in a way that does not prevent Salt from providing the best service to any other customer.

Abroad, during temporary trips and visits, the Services must also be used for normal personal use. 

In particular, the points listed below do not fall within the scope of normal use:

  • Reselling of Services by the customer or third parties
  • Use of Services for the provision of premium rate/mass communication services (e.g. fax broadcasting, call centres)
  • Use of Services with special applications (e.g. GSM gateways, call-through solutions, M2M, surveillance systems, Mobile hotspot, permanent connections, redirecting and forwarding of connections to premium rate numbers, short numbers or other special numbers)
  • Connecting non-compliant applications and devices to the Salt network
  • Distribution of mass advertising or unsolicited advertising ('spamming')
  • Security breaches of network elements and related systems, in particular piracy ('hacking'), unauthorised monitoring of data traffic ('sniffing'), Service disruption and/or saturation ('flooding') and forgery or alteration of information ('spoofing')
  • Predominant use of the Services abroad.