Mobile Coverage

Network coverage.

99.9% of the Swiss population is covered by Salt 4G services and customers benefit from an up to 750* Mbit/s speed experiences.
When 4G+ and 5G services are available, users benefit from speeds up to 750* Mbit/s.
In regions covered by 5G+, speeds may reach up to 1.7 Gbit/s*.

Information concerning the current and planned coverage is based on models of prediction and is provided without obligation; the information provided can differ from the actual situation, in particular due to the exact location considered, the type of handset used, the number of simultaneous users, topography and weather conditions. Therefore, lacks of coverage may result in areas that are shown as being covered; the opposite situation may also occur.

*maximum speeds. Actual speed observed depend, among other factors, on the number of users connected to the network and the capacity of the device connected to the network itself.

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