Info for your travel to USA

AT&T 3G mobile network shutdown

What is happening?
On 24 February 2022, the American telco provider AT&T is switching off its 3G mobile network in the entire US country to focus on the most advanced technologies (4G and 5G).

What does it mean for me?
From this date and if you travel to the USA, incoming and outgoing calls and SMS as well as the use of mobile internet on the AT&T network will no longer be possible unless you do some modifications.

What should I do?
Basically you have 2 options to continue benefitting from full service in the USA:

  • Option 1: you activate the VoLTE function on your device, which allows to make calls using the 4G network instead of 3G.
  • Option 2: if your device is not compatible with VoLTE, then you can switch networks and use T-Mobile as soon as you land in the USA.

Some more details on my options

Option 1: how to activate VoLTE on my device

Option 2: how to manually switch to T-Mobile network