Data DayPass.

With the new Data DayPass, surfing abroad for our occasional travellers will become easier than ever. You will be able to benefit from unlimited data connectivity when traveling, without having bad surprises on your roaming bill. With this innovation, we are dramatically improving your roaming experience.

Travel worry-free.

Use your mobile subscription outside of Switzerland and pay a fixed price per day! With Data DayPass, you can:


Ultra Fast Wifi surf instantly at highspeed in the visited country

Ultra Fast Wifi make calls or send messages to Switzerland or the visited country via messenger apps

Ultra Fast Wifi receive calls or messages from any country via messenger apps

How do the two Data DayPasses work?

When you start using internet abroad, you will enjoy automatically unlimited internet access including 1 GB with high-speed (the speed is reduced to 128 kbit/s after 1 GB) during 24 hours, if you continue using internet, your Data DayPass will be renewed automatically for another 24 hours. 

Data DayPass is automatically activated on your contract and is only charged when you use internet in the EUROPE or TRAVEL zones after turning on data roaming on your phone.


How can the Data DayPass be activated or deactivated?


Activated automatically.


Data DayPass is conveniently activated as soon as you start surfing online, texting or calling via a messenger app. Simply make sure to have your roaming data activated and your roaming limit is set to minimum CHF 50.-.



  Get started and keep an eye on your consumption.


Check the status of your Data DayPass and your usage abroad at any time or your Data Cockpit. You will be notified by SMS with all relevant information about the offer and its follow-up.



You don’t want Data DayPass activated automatically?


You are always in control as the Data DayPass can be deactivated/activated at any time in your customer account.



Most frequently asked questions.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions.

1. How does the Data DayPass option work?

If you use internet in a country where you have no included data volume or have already used up your included data volume, the Data DayPass will be automatically activated without any action on your end. You will enjoy unlimited internet access, including 1 GB at high-speed. After 1 GB, the speed is reduced to 128 kbit/s.

The Data DayPass is only charged on the first connection to the foreign mobile network and is valid for 24 hours. You will be notified by SMS with all relevant information about the offer and its follow-up.

Simply make sure you have your roaming data activated and your roaming limit is set to minimum CHF 50.-.

2. Why offer this option for a 24-hour period? What are the advantages?

With Data DayPass, occasional travellers can be reached at any time on their favourite messaging apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Email, Snapchat, Threema, etc.), and have instant internet access for only CHF 4.95 in the EUROPE zone or CHF 9.95 in the TRAVEL zone, without any hassle. No more high bills when travelling abroad thanks to this option!

3. What roaming charges apply with this option?

The price of the Data DayPass option in the EUROPE zone is CHF 4.95 and CHF 9.95 in the TRAVEL zone, valid for 24 hours from the first use.

4. How can I find out if the data volume has been used up (roaming limit)? Is it possible to extend the offer?

You can monitor your usage at any time and free of charge in your Cost Control cockpit . When Wi-Fi is available, you can also monitor your usage in your customer account .

You can also purchase Data Packs at any time if required, e.g. when the 1 GB high-speed volume is used up. You will then receive an SMS with the steps to follow.

5. How can I activate this option from abroad?

This option is activated by default with all Mobile Max & Mobile Digital subscriptions and will also be included with the new Smart Swiss subscriptions.

If you do not wish to use the Data DayPass option by default, you can simply deactivate it in your customer account.

6. How can I deactivate this option?

The Data DayPass option can be deactivated at any time in the customer account.

Upon activation, you will receive an SMS with all the information about the Data DayPass and a link with the information on how to deactivate it.

7. How can cross-border commuters benefit from this offer? What do they need to know?

For cross-border commuters, we recommend a subscription with a high data volume abroad, which we often propose as a special offer.

1 1 GB high-speed internet, then speed reduction to 128 kbit/s.