Take advantage now and receive CHF 15.- in addition to the purchase price with the code SAO30630

Take advantage now and receive CHF 15.- in addition to the purchase price with the code SAO30630

A 2nd life

for your


Salt. and Revendo


Let’s work together to save resources

Our partner Revendo buys your used device back and refurbishes it. The aim of this upcycling concept is to create an alternative to our throwaway mentality and to contribute to saving our nature and environment.

The recipe for success is very simple: instead of throwing away your used device, you can sell it to Revendo at a fair price in one of our Salt Stores or here online. All devices will be thoroughly tested and refurbished by the Revendo technicians. Faulty devices will be repaired, if possible, and their components will be recycled in an environmentally-friendly way. The newly refurbished device will then be put on sale, waiting for its next owner.

The cycle

Automatic radio optimisation

Choose device

Choose device, indicate condition and determine price.

Automatic radio optimisation

Dispatch device

Bring the device in person to a Salt Store or send it to Revendo by post.

Automatic radio optimisation


Revendo verifies your device upon receipt. Should the price change because of this, you will receive a new offer.

Automatic radio optimisation

Receive money

In a few days, you will receive the money to the bank account you specified.

Upcycling instead of recycling

Many people think that recycling and upcycling are the same thing – they are wrong! Recycling may be sustainable, however, not on the same level as upcycling.

During the recycling process, products are broken down into their individual components to be reintroduced into a production cycle, while the upcycling process is a purely material recovery whereby the products are made available for reuse.

3 reasons why we focus on upcycling:

  • Upcycling saves resources.
  • Upcycling reduces the consumption of energy (which is expended during the production of new goods or the recycling of existing products). This, in turn, reduces air and water pollution.
  • Reuse reduces our need of new products and keep overconsumption at bay.

Sell your used device now and give it a second life.

Frequently asked questions

What are the purchase prices of the devices?

Unsere Preise entsprechen den Ankaufspreisen von revendo.ch, die sich nach dem aktuellen Marktwert richten. Die Bestimmung der Ankaufspreise sind von der Preisentwicklung des Neugerätes, dem Zustand, Angebot und Nachfrage abhängig.

Who pays the postage?

We will pay the postage for shipping. You will receive the shipping label via email. You only need to print the shipping label, attach it to your parcel and drop the parcel off at the post office.

What do I do with the delivery note?

The delivery note is used for identification. It contains important information for our employees. Print it out and put it inside the parcel on top of everything else.

What should I do if I don't own a printer?

You can also frank the parcel yourself and send it in. Important: enclose a note with the order number and your personal information.

Can I also hand over my device in person?

You can also bring your parcel to a Salt Store.

When will I receive the money?

Once the device has arrived at Revendo and passed the initial inspection, the credit note will be issued. This can take several days.

How do I cancel my sale?

If you haven't dispatched your device yet, you can contact the Revendo customer care team at +41 61 500 28 28.

What happens to my data?

Bevor das Gerät bearbeitet wird, werden als Erstes alle Speichermedien neu formatiert und so alle Kundendaten gelöscht.

Does my sale contribute to protecting the environment?

Yes, reusing is indeed even more sustainable than recycling. Revendo always ensures that good use is made of your old devices and gives them another chance.



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