Roaming cost management

When you travel abroad, additional roaming costs could occur for usage not included in your subscription. Now, you can set roaming spending limits in order to avoid any unexpected charge. Your roaming settings can be adjusted at any time in My Account.

Key benefits

No bad surprises!
Track your roaming costs in real time

Set and modify your spending limits at any time

Manage your roaming spending limits easily in My Account

Which roaming spending limits can I set?
The questions about roaming limits only concern customers with a subscription (not Prepay)

You can set two different roaming spending limits for usages not included in your subscription:

  • For roaming data
  • For roaming calls, SMS, MMS

By default, the roaming limits are set at 250.- each per month. At any time, you can simply adjust these limits in My account.

Which costs are covered by the roaming spending limits?

The roaming limits you set cover all costs related to your roaming usage not included in your subscription.


Costs covered:

  • Roaming data
  • Roaming calls
    • Incoming calls
    • Local calls
    • Calls to Switzerland
    • Calls to other countries
    • Calls to voicemail
    • Calls to premium numbers
    • Forwarded calls
  • Roaming SMS: outgoing SMS only
  • Roaming MMS: incoming & outgoing


Costs not covered:

  • Roaming data packages
  • Roaming data options
  • Roaming voice options
  • Plane, Boat & Satellite packages (data, calls, SMS)


Free of charge:

  • Roaming data to access Cost Control
  • Incoming roaming SMS
    How to set and manage your roaming spending limits?

    To set or modify your roaming spending limits easily at any time, all you need to do is login to My Account.
    1. Access your My Account page and go to the Set-up page. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up here.
    2. In the roaming costs management area, select the amount of costs you don’t want to exceed for the two categories (Roaming Data & Roaming calls/SMS/MMS).
    3. You can adjust these limits at any time and will receive a confirmation SMS each time you do.

    What happens when I reach my roaming spending limits ?

    When you reach one of your roaming spending limits, the respective usage will be blocked. You will receive a notification by SMS that will give you instructions on what to do, if you want to continue using your phone. If you have reached your roaming data limit: You may go to (not over Wi-Fi) to buy data packages at attractive prices. Alternatively, you can go to My Account to manage your limit. If you have reached your limit for roaming calls/SMS/MMS: You can go to My Account to manage your limit.

    Why is my roaming usage blocked before I have reached the limits I have set?

    Your roaming usage might be blocked before you reach the limit you have set. Salt reserves the right to apply lower spending limits to ensure that your financial exposure is limited.

    What happens if I block the roaming usage?

    You can completely block the roaming usage by calling our customer care team at 0800 700 700 (+41 78 700 70 00 when abroad, subject to fees). In this case you won’t be able to use any of our services (data, calls, SMS and voicemail) on the mobile network while abroad. 
    You can also put both your roaming spending limits at CHF 0.- if you want to only use the roaming data, calls or SMS/MMS included in your subscription. You can unblock the roaming usage or modify your roaming limits at any time.

    Are there any changes to the billing of roaming usages?

    Incoming roaming calls (calls you receive while abroad) are charged per second instead of per minute. Outgoing roaming calls (calls you make while abroad) are charged in the following way (instead of by the minute): the first 30 seconds are charged, then the following duration is charged by the second. Total amounts will be rounded up to the next 10 centimes.

    How can I save money while abroad?

    You can save money by activating options in My Account or by going to (not over WiFi) to buy packages at very attractive prices.

    How are my data or roaming minutes charged depending on my subscription or option(s)?

    If several roaming data allowances and roaming data options are activated or available during a stay abroad, they will be consumed in the following order:

    1) Data package – if activated.

    2) Roaming data option (Internet Europe, Internet Travel, …)

    3) Roaming data allowances included in the mobile subscription (Swiss, Swiss XXL,....). If you are in a zone where your subscription has no data allowance included and you have not activated an option, you will be charged at the standard rate as soon as you start surfing if you did not book a data package or when your data package is used up.

    If you have roaming voice minutes included in your subscription (e.g., Swiss XXL), they will be consumed first. Once used up, you are invoiced according to your subscription’s applicable minute rates.

    If you book a talk option (Talk Europe, Talk Travel, Talk World, Talk Far) as you have no voice minutes included in your subscription, you are invoiced according to the option’s dedicated minute rates.

    Otherwise, you are invoiced according to the standard minute rates in the zone.