Your peace of mind
is priceless


Special offer: enjoy the
first month for free!


Your peace of mind is priceless

Special offer: enjoy the
first month for free!



per month

Stay zen in all circumstances

You can insure your device through our Care insurance options, you can protect your privacy through Mobile Security. But have you considered saving what ultimately matters most? Your peace of mind!

For CHF 4.95 per month (or an additional CHF 1.– more than Mobile Security alone), you can benefit from the services of a guardian angel who will protect you from nasty surprises on your bill – giving you real peace of mind!




The key benefits of the Serenity option:

  • Secure web browsing thanks to our Mobile Security option.
  • You forgot to pay your bills on time? No problem! On request, we will waive the reminder fees twice within 24 months*.
  • No bad surprises: you don’t pay fees* for any unintended use of your mobile data.


Complete description of the Serenity option

*Thanks to the Serenity option your reminder fees will be reimbursed twice within your 24-month contract duration and up to CHF 250.– for high data usage and unintended data usage on foreign networks (roaming) incurring out-of-bundle charges.

Ease of use

Easy to install and use
Only CHF 4.95/month
The price of a coffee!

It's up to you

Reminder fees? Unexpected out-of-bundle usages?
One simple call to our customer service is all it takes to waive these fees*

Carefree security

The app is running in the background. Your device is protected and your personal data is secured.

Protection on the move

Surf the web via Wi-Fi networks and via hotspots while the integrity of the network is scanned continuously.

How does it work?

You subscribe to the Serenity option in a Salt Store or on My Account.

  1. You forget to pay a bill on time or have unintended out-of-bundle usage.
  2. You call Salt's customer service to use your option.
  3. Thanks to your Serenity option, your bill will be adjusted according to the defined conditions.


Staying zen has never been easier!



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