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Unlimited roaming in the EU.

Travel across Europe without any hassle. NEW! Now available with 4GB instead of 1GB/month.

Offer valid until 23.04.2018.

30% discount on Plus Europe.


  • Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS
  • Unlimited calls to the EU and USA (1)
  • Unlimited highspeed Internet (4G)

Roaming in the EU & USA (2):

  • Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS
  • 4 GB/month

59.95/month instead of 89.–

Change to Salt

Call 0800 667 667 for more info.

Offer valid only for 24-months subscriptions, without a new phone.
Activation fee, incl. SIM card: 49.– (charged on your first bill).

Independent workers and companies.

Benefit from Plus Europe with 30% discount to let your business grow.

Order for your company

Info concerning the number transfer to Salt.

1. Order

Order on the Online Shop. Salt takes care of the cancellation at the current operator.

2. New SIM

Keep the SIM card aside until the transfer date. This date is communicated by SMS.

3. Transfer

Insert the Salt SIM card at the transfer date. Start using the subscription immediately.


Yes. During the online purchase process, you will be asked if you want a new number from Salt or if you would like to transfer your existing number from another operator.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please contact us by phone at 0800 667 667 (Mon.-Fri. 8am - 8pm, Sat. 8am - 6pm).

Austria; France**; Germany; Italy; Monaco; San Marino; Vatican City

Andorra; Australia**; Belgium; Bulgaria; Canada; Croatia*; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark**; Estonia; Faroe Islands; Finland; Gibraltar; Greece; Hong Kong; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Israel; Japan; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Netherlands**; New Zealand**; Norway**; Palestinian Territories; Poland; Portugal**; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain**; Sweden; Turkey*; United Kingdom**; United States**

*Calls to the mobile network in Turkey and Croatia are not included.
**Overseas territories are not included.

Austria; France*; Germany; Italy; Monaco; San Marino; Vatican City

Andorra; Belgium; Bulgaria; Canada; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark*; Estonia; Faroe Islands; Finland; Gibraltar; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Netherlands*; Norway*; Poland; Portugal*; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain*; Sweden; Turkey; United Kingdom*; United States*

*Overseas territories are not included.

No, this offer is only available without a new mobile phone. Keep your mobile phone or buy one with one of our partners, such as