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Europe, all unlimited in Switzerland & Europe.



  • Unlimited high-speed Internet (4G+) in Switzerland,
    Europe,USA & Canada (***)
  • Unlimited calls & SMS/MMS in/to Suisse, Europe,
    USA & Canada (***)

    62.95/month instead of 89.95(*)

    Order online

    Or call 0800 667 667 (free number).

Europe Young.

For the under 30s

  • Unlimited high-speed Internet (4G+) in Switzerland, Europe, USA & Canada (***)
  • Unlimited calls & SMS/MMS in/to Suisse, Europe,
    USA & Canada (***)

    55.95/month instead of 79.95 (*)

    Order online

    Or call 0800 667 667 (free number).

(*)Europe subscription for 99.95/month with the smartphone of your choice.
(***) For more informations : here 
Offers valid until 27.01.2020.

Activation fee, including SIM card: 59.-


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Info concerning the number transfer to Salt.

1. Order

Order on the Online Shop. Salt takes care of the cancellation at the current operator.

2. New SIM

Keep the SIM card aside until the transfer date. This date is communicated by SMS.

3. Transfer

Insert the Salt SIM card at the transfer date. Start using the subscription immediately.

New subscription.

Transfer your current number or get a new one.

Order now

or call 0800 667 667

Renew with Salt.

You already have a Salt subscription and the renewal date of your contract is coming-up.

Renew now

or call 0800 700 888


Yes. During the online purchase process, you will be asked if you want a new number from Salt or if you would like to transfer your existing number from another operator.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please contact us by phone at 0800 700 078 (Mon.-Fri. 08:00-20:00, Sat. 08:00-17:00).

Since this depends on your current contract, please contact us at 0800 700 888 (Mon.-Fri. 08:00-20:00, Sat. 08:00-17:00).