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Relax. We protect your mobile or tablet.

Mobiles and tablets have become indispensable travel companions. But no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Insure and protect your device with our Relax and Relax Plus policies, and we will repair or replace it promptly. Choose one of our repair locations for a 1h repair or send-in your device to be repaired or exchanged. Insured customers also benefit from a free-of-charge ultra-protective foil.


Protects your device against damage.

Damages, such as a broken display or damage caused by contact with liquids, are covered for up to two accidents per year. And your mobile or tablet is insured with an excess of 50.–.


Relax Plus

Protects your device against damage and theft too.

The manufacturer's warranty is also extended to 3 years.


Relax and Relax Plus policies

When and how.

Relax and Relax Plus can only be added when you take out or renew a subscription. They can be removed or changed at the end of the minimum period or extension. Your Relax policy has the same term as your subscription.

3-year manufacturer's warranty

With Relax Plus, your warranty is automatically extended to 3 years.

Quick repairs and replacements

Choose one of our local repair partners to get your device repaired within 1h. Or send in your device for repair or exchange and we deliver the device to your address of choice. Shipment is free of charge.

If you need a device in the meantime, then simply go to a Salt Store. We will lend you a device free of charge.

To announce a damage or theft:

Simply call us on+41 44 200 23 92.

For all the details about coverage, services and exclusions, refer to our General Insurance Conditions for Relax and Relax Plus.