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40% off Unlimited Surf.

Get a SIM-card with unlimited highspeed internet (4G+) for your tablet or Internet Box (4G+) and stay connected when commuting or on a trip everywhere in Switzerland.

Simply order before 14.09.2019.

Unlimited Surf.

  • Unlimited Internet at 4G+ highspeed in Switzerland.

19.95-/month  instead of 35.-(*)


Order online

Or call 0800 667 667(free number).


*Offer valid upon conclusion of a new subscription.
Activation fee, including SIM card: 49.-


Combine Unlimited Surf with a MiFi Internet-box or a tablet.


   Huawei E5573 Mi-Fi.

  • GSM, 3G and 4G with up to 150 Mbit/sec.
  • Connect up to 10 WiFi enabled devices.
  • Battery life 6 hours usage, 300 hours standby.
  • Portable Power Bank.

   CHF 59.95


     Order now


   iPad 2018 32GB.

  • 9.7 inches display.
  • Fingerprint-resistant.
  • Supports Apple Pencil.

   CHF 358.80


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The discount is valid for the first 24 months. After that, you will be charged at regular price (35.–/month).

Unlimited Surf is a subscription that suits one of the following devices:

- Tablets or computers equipped with a 4G modul – you can surf wherever you are without a Wi-Fi network.

- 4G USB dongle – once the dongle is connected to your computer, you can surf over the 4G network everywhere in Switzerland.

- 4G Mi-Fi modem/router – the router shares the 4G connection over Wi-Fi; you can connect several devices simultaneously.


Check our coverage map. We already cover 94% of the Swiss population with 4G.

Yes, it is highly recommended. However, we all have different ideas of high-speed surfing. 3G is sufficient for many people.