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For the under 30s.


                               Activation fee, incl. SIM card: 49.–

Samsung S10e
With Swiss Young


Order online 

or call 0800 667 667.

 All Samsung smartphones


iPhone XR 64GB
With Swiss Young


Order online

or call 0800 667 667

All Apple smartphones


You are eligible for the Basic or Swiss subscriptions but you cannot place the order yourself. One of your parents or relatives (above 18 years old) must be the legal owner of the account. They should simply inform us during the order process that their child will be using the subscription.

If you already have a Salt subscription and you are eligible to renew it, you can do it in My Account. Go to My Offers and select the Plus Basic/Swiss Young subscription. The change is immediat.

If you have a Salt PrePay number, you can request the transfer of your account to this promotion. Place an order for a new subscription and indicate your PrePay number to be transferred. It will take a few days.