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Family Guide.

Make sure your children are using their mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops etc. in a safe way. Besides raising awareness about technical possibilities, it is crucial for you to guide your children through a safe usage. Even if you want to encourage your children's independence and respect their privacy, you are still responsible for them until their coming of age.

The Youth Media Protection sector initiative.

The main telecommunications service providers in Switzerland have imposed measures on themselves in order to contribute to youth media protection.




Show your interest.

Talk to your children, obtain information about how mobile phones work and what possibilities they offer. Monitor your children’s phone use.

Rules for your children.

Salt encourages parents to advise their children:

In case of harassment or should you receive unwanted messages, please contact us.

Social networks and chatrooms.

Create ground rules of conduct. Urge your children:

Contact us.

If you have questions or want to bar a value-added service, you can call our customer service: 0800 700 700.

Furthermore, our youth media protection agents are always available for support and counselling:

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