Press Releases: 2019

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Salt maintains ‘very good’ rating on back of significant improvement in network score

Dec. 3, 2019

Switzerland benefits from an excellent mobile network infrastructure to which Salt makes a significant contribution. In the 26th edition of the Connect Mobile Network test, published on December 3rd  2019, the Salt network was again rated “very good” with 923 of 1000 possible points. Salt improved by 21 points compared to the previous year, while its competitors stagnated or lost points.

Salt – 2019 Q3 financial results

Nov. 28, 2019

  • Good momentum in mobile (+15’400 postpaid net adds) and fiber
  • Total revenue (excl. incoming) up by +7.1% YoY (on a like-for-like basis)
  • EBITDA up +2.9% YoY (on a like-for-like basis)
  • Free Cash Flow excl. Spectrum of CHF 72.7m (down from CHF 94.5m YoY)
  • Successful refinancing and tower sale lower annual interest expense by CHF 22m and improve maturity
  • Salt elected test winner in universal provider category in BILANZ telecom rating

Salt ranked number one mobile telecommunication operator for SME

Sept. 25, 2019

On September 25, PME Magazine, a business magazine for small and medium-sized enterprises in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, published a customer feedback based study, which ranks the best telecom service providers for the segment. Salt was elected number one provider in Switzerland for SME mobile communication.

Matterhorn Telecom S.A. Announces Launch of Refinancing

Sept. 2, 2019

Matterhorn Telecom S.A. (the “Company”) today announces the launch of a proposed refinancing transaction contemplating raising up to CHF 1.15 billion (equivalent) of aggregate new secured debt under a new senior facilities agreement (the “SFA”) providing for a new 7 year term loan Facility B (“Facility B”) and, at the Company’s option, other new secured debt. The SFA is also expected to provide for a new 5 year revolving facility of up to CHF 75 million (“Revolving Facility”). Entering into the SFA and raising other senior secured debt, if any, are referred to herein as the “Financing”.

Salt best universal provider for private customers

Aug. 30, 2019

On August 30, the Swiss business magazine Bilanz published the 20th edition of its prominent telecom ranking. Around 11500 private and 1400 business customers evaluated their experiences with their telecommunications providers. Among the Swiss carriers, Salt was voted best universal provider for private customers.

​​​​​Salt – 2019 Q2 financial results

Aug. 23, 2019

  • Continued good momentum in core brand during Q2: +6’200 mobile postpaid net adds coupled with continuous positive ARPU YoY evolution during the last 4 quarters
  • Strong Momentum in Fiber : over 50’000 subscribers at end of June’19
  • Total revenue (excl. MTR) down by -1.1% YoY (+2.7% YoY excl. Coop and UPC) to CHF 238.9m
  • EBITDA of CHF 109.9m down 10.0% YoY ; down 3.5% YOY excl. Coop and UPC driven by increased acquisitions and retentions in mobile as well as investments into operations to support commercial growth
  • Reselling partnership with Lidl launched end of June 2019
  • Tower disposal transaction closed on August 5th 
  • Combined Q2 Coop Mobile and UPC impact of CHF (9.6)m on Revenue and CHF (8.1)m on EBITDA. Net loss of -5’100 subscribers in Q2, now stabilized

Salt Fiber support hotline again "connect" test winner

Aug. 5, 2019

Just a few months after Salt was ranked number one for its mobile support hotline in the “connect” test, the company also succeeded with its broadband product hotline in Switzerland and became overall winner among Austria, Germany and Switzerland for the second year in a row.

Salt Fiber number one on Netflix ISP Speed Index

July 12, 2019

The Netflix ISP Speed Index measures which Internet Service Provider (ISPs) provides the best primetime Netflix streaming experience. As Salt Fiber joins the index in June 2019, it reaches number one spot among its national competitors. Salt Fiber also ranks among the leading providers worldwide. Salt Fiber users benefit from the best speed and best quality, at the best price.

Salt’s network ranked first in Switzerland in June 2019

July 8, 2019

In June 2019, Salt’s mobile network was ranked for the first time number one among its two national competitors and 6th out of 318 tested operators on a global scale with a total of 29 218 points by 4GMark, a renowned international mobile performance test platform.

Salt celebrates 20 years of mobile communications

July 5, 2019

Twenty years ago, there was a breath of fresh air blowing through the Swiss mobile telecommunications market. Salt, formerly known as Orange Switzerland, entered the market and, until today, ensures with its innovations and unconventional ideas that customers have a real choice and can benefit from the best price in the premium segment.

Lidl Switzerland enters mobile phone business with Salt

June 26, 2019

Lidl Switzerland joins forces with Salt to enter the Swiss mobile phone business and to launch Lidl Connect. Lidl Connect will include both a prepaid and postpaid offer and provide price sensitive customers who don’t want to compromise on quality with best value for money.

As of today June 26th, Lidl Switzerland customers will be able to contract the new Lidl Connect Smart Abo as well as the Lidl Connect Smart Prepaid. Both products are fully digital products and available online on .

Salt – 2019 Q1 financial results

May 23, 2019

  • Good momentum in core brand during Q1 coupled with strong momentum on Fiber: +9’000 mobile postpaid net adds whilst inflow value (in terms of net recurring charge) increased by 12.1% YoY
  • Net loss of -17’000 Coop Mobile postpaid customers following contract termination in January 2019, effect to fade out going forward
  • Total revenue (excl. MTR) of CHF 230.2m, down 1.2% YoY; up 1.8% YoY excl. Coop and UPC
  • EBITDA of CHF 104.7m, down 7.2% YoY; down 1.2% excl. Coop and UPC; EBITDA margin of 42.6% due to higher commercial acts in both mobile and fixed-line coupled with increased investments to support future growth
  • Free Cash Flow of CHF 11.9m (up from CHF 5.6m YoY) despite high level of investments in business growth and network upgrade
  • Long-term strategic partnership with Cellnex to support growth and strengthen financial profile
  • 3-Party (SFN, Sunrise and Salt) program in place to accelerate FTTH exploitation and integration through SFN

Salt enters into a strategic partnership with Cellnex

May 7, 2019

On May 7, 2019, Salt announces it has entered into an agreement with Cellnex regarding the sale of a 90% equity interest in the company owning Salt’s passive mobile infrastructure – “Salt TowerCo” – for a cash consideration of CHF 0.8 billion (€0.7 billion equivalent).

Salt ranked number one among Swiss mobile phone support hotlines

April 3, 2019

The test evaluated the quality of the statements, the accessibility, the waiting time, the costs and the friendliness. Of the three Swiss providers tested (Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom), Salt scored best overall. In summer 2018, Salt had already been on top in the broadband providers support hotlines “connect”-test.

Salt Fiber turns one

March 21, 2019

Just one year ago, Salt launched its revolutionary and disruptive triple play offer; Salt Fiber. Along with a 10Gb/s high-speed internet connection, customers are provided with an Apple TV 4K as unique set top box with access to over 370 channels on Salt TV as well as a fixed telephony solution that includes unlimited calls to mobile and fixed networks in Switzerland.

An upgraded mobile portfolio, for Your Life.

March 14, 2019

In line with its strategy to offer customers excellent quality at the most attractive price on a world-class network, Salt is proud to present its full revamped mobile portfolio.

Mid-February the operator announced the very first “everything unlimited” package for and in the EU, USA and Canada on the Swiss market.

As of Monday March 18, Salt Europe is also available for “under-thirty” customers starting at CHF 79.95 per month and new customers as well as existing ones, which are renewing their subscriptions, will be able to choose among Salt’s upgraded mobile portfolio.

Salt – 2018 Full Year Results

March 13, 2019

Solid growth and strong cash flow generation -

Positioned for profitable growth through Salt Fiber, enhanced product portfolio, strengthened distribution and continued network investments

  • EBITDA of CHF 468.7m, up CHF 7.4m or 1.6% year on year
  • Revenue excl. MTR of CHF 971.3m, up CHF 13.1m or 1.4% year on year
  • EBITDA margin of 44.8%, up from 44.0% last year, and strong cash flow generation of CHF 228.9m
  • CHF 586.7m total capital expenditure during the last two years, demonstrating continued investments into mobile and FTTH infrastructure

Salt Fiber, the Fastest

Feb. 27, 2019

On February 27 2019, nPerf published its annual Barometer of fixed internet connections for Switzerland. In 2018, among all providers, all technologies combined, Salt offered the best down and upload speed as well as the lowest latency score.

Salt launches first “Everything Unlimited” Mobile flat-rate for Europe in Switzerland

Feb. 12, 2019

To pursue its strategy of offering the best value for money on a world-class network, Salt is launching - from 12 February 2019 - the very first "all-inclusive" package for and in the EU zone, USA and Canada(1)(2) on the Swiss market.

New Plus Europe subscriptions now includes:

✔ Unlimited in Switzerland: high-speed Internet (4G+ up to 1Gbit/s) 
✔ Unlimited in Switzerland: calls, SMS, MMS 
✔ Unlimited from Switzerland to the EU, USA and Canada(1): calls, SMS, MMS
✔ Unlimited in the EU, USA and Canada(2) : data roaming, calls, SMS and MMS

This permanent change will benefit both new and existing customers who renew their subscription with Plus Europe


Salt successfully participated in the Swiss spectrum auction - Ready to launch 5G services

Feb. 8, 2019

Salt pleased with the result achieved in the Swiss spectrum auction
Salt secured 2x10 MHz of 700 MHz FDD spectrum as well as 10 MHz of 1,400 MHz SDL spectrum and 80 MHz of 3.5 GHz TDD spectrum for a total of CHF 94.5 million
Auction result enables Salt to further improve its high-quality mobile network, allows 5G coverage and next-generation speed, latency and capacity

With +57 points year-on-year, Salt achieves “very good” rating in network test

Feb. 5, 2019

Switzerland benefits from an excellent mobile network infrastructure to which Salt makes a significant contribution. In the 25th edition of the Connect Mobile Network test, published on February 5th 2019, the Salt network was rated “very good” with 902 of 1000 possible points. With an increase of 57, Salt recorded the largest improvement over the previous year. The test observed measurements in 18 bigger and 31 smaller cities while covering globally 6500km throughout the country.

5G - Salt selects Nokia to upgrade its radio and mobile core network

Jan. 29, 2019

Salt today announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with Nokia to roll out its state-of-the-art 5G technology as the foundation of a vastly enhanced user experience for Salt’s mobile clients. The launch of 5G services in Switzerland will deliver extreme mobile broadband with super-fast speeds and ultra-robust, low-latency connectivity for consumers as well as billions of connected ‘things’.

Salt appoints two new members to the management team

Jan. 21, 2019

Salt appoints Christian Aveni Chief Business Officer and Andreas Kuntz Chief of Corporate Affairs & General Counsel.