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Home Telephony

The best fixed telephony solution.


Unlimited calls to mobile and fixed networks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Keep your current landline number.


Sound quality in high definition.

More freedom, less wires.

Stay always in touch with your loved ones, at no extra cost. The Salt Fiber Box connects wireless to your handsets using DECT technology. Add up to 4 devices and talk freely with your family and friends.

Zones & tariffs for international calls.

All prices in CHF incl. VAT. Calls are charged by second.

International Zone 1

To fixed line / mobile : 0.29/min 

Germany; Austria; France; Italy; Monaco; San Marino; Vatican City

International Zone 2

To fixed line / mobile : 0.39/min

Andorra; Australia; Belgium; Bulgaria; Canada; Cyprus; South Korea; Croatia; Denmark; Spain; Estonia; United States; Finland; Gibraltar; Greece; Hong Kong; Hungary; Faroe Islands; Ireland; Iceland; Israel; Japan; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Mexico; Norway; New Zealand; Palestine; Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Slovakia; Czech Republic; Romania; United Kingdom; Slovenia; Sweden; Taiwan; Turkey; Ukraine

International Zone 3

To fixed line / mobile : 0.79/min

Albania; Belarus; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Kosovo; Macedonia; Moldova; Montenegro; Russia; Serbia; Singapore

International Zone 4

To fixed line / mobile : 0.89/min

Afghanistan; South Africa; Algeria; Angola; French Guiana; Guyana; Saudi Arabia; Argentina; Armenia; Ascension Island; Azerbaijan; Bahamas; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Belize; Bhutan; Bolivia; Botswana; Brazil; Brunei; Burundi; Central African Republic; Chile; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Djibouti; East Timor; Egypt; El Salvador; United Arab Emirates; Ecuador; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Gabon; Georgia; Grenada; Guadeloupe; Guatemala; Equatorial Guinea; Guinea; Guyana; Honduras; Mauritius; US Virgin Islands; India; Indonesia; Iran; Iraq; Jamaica; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Kuwait; Kyrgyzstan; Lesotho; Liberia; Libya; Malaysia; Malawi; Mali; Morocco; Martinique; Mauritania; Mongolia; Mozambique; Namibia; Nepal; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Oman; Uganda; Uzbekistan; Pakistan; Panama; Papua New Guinea; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Puerto Rico; Qatar; Dominican Republic; Rwanda; Sierra Leone; South Sudan; Sudan; Sri Lanka; Swaziland; Syria; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Chad; Thailand; Togo; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkmenistan; Uruguay; Venezuela; Yemen; Zambia; Zimbabwe

International Zone 5

To fixed line / mobile : 1.49/min

Anguilla; Antigua and Barbuda; Netherlands Antilles; Aruba; Australia; Barbados; Bermuda; Cambodia; Cape Verde; Cayman Islands; Cook Islands; North Korea; Dominica; Fiji; Greenland; Guam; Haiti; Falkland Islands (Malvinas); Northern Mariana Islands; Solomon Islands; Turks and Caicos Islands; British Virgin Islands; Kiribati; Laos; Macau; Mayotte; Montserrat; Myanmar; Nauru; New Caledonia; Palau; French Polynesia; Reunion; Saint Helena; Saint Lucia; Sint Maarten; Saint Pierre & Miquelon; St. Vincent & the Grenadines; American Samoa; Samoa; Sao Tome & Principe; Suriname; Tokelau; Tonga; Tuvalu; Vanuatu; Wallis & Futuna Islands

International Zone 6

To fixed line / mobile : 1.49/min 

Benin; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Comoros; Congo; Ivory Coast; Cuba; Gambia; Ghana; Guinea-Bissau; Kenya; Lebanon; Madagascar; Maldives; Congo (Democratic Rep.); Senegal; Seychelles; Somalia; Tunisia; Vietnam


To fixed line: 14.99/min
To mobile: 14.99/min

Premium rates & short numbers.

Charges for calling premium rate numbers (084x, 0878, 090x, 18xy), short and special numbers (except emergency numbers) are set by the providers of the numbers. The prices are not included in any subscription and are charged extra. All the premium numbers can be found here.

  International Premium A International Premium B International Premium C
Calls from Switzerland to 0.79 CHF / 60 undivided
3.99 CHF / 60 undivided
14.99 CHF / 60 undivided




*Monthly charge with Salt PrePay, Start, Basic and Surf subscriptions CHF 49.95.-



Best universal provider in Switzerland.


Best performing fixed broadband internet access


First-class service hotline


Best tariff for a fixed broadband internet access (SIQT)

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