The offer is valid until Monday!

The Salt Home offer includes:

10 Gbit/s high-speed internet connection

280+ TV channels

Unlimited calls in Switzerland to fixed and mobile networks

Our cheapest offer with the best performances!

From CHF 39.95*/month only, Salt Home offers the best performing fixed broadband internet access, more than 280 channels, a dedicated TV app, Apple TV, as well as unlimited calls to fixed and mobile networks in Switzerland.

Benefit from Salt Home at our best price of CHF 39.95

Don't miss out: customers who already own a Salt mobile subscription* will receive a discount of CHF 10.-/month for an undetermined amount of time. If you subscribe to Salt Home in our online shop, the discount will be applied directly after entering your Salt mobile number. Should you decide to get a mobile subscription with us at a later date, you can activate it directly in your Salt Home customer account.

Equipment you will receive:

The bundle comprising the Fiber Box and the Apple TV includes the latest technology on the market: Wi-Fi 6 for optimum speed, a 4K image resolution for maximum image quality, etc. Apple TV is also included when you choose a TV package (French, German or Italian).

Box x6
  • The Fiber Box X6 (including the latest Wi-Fi standard).
  • A power cable and a 5 m fiber-optic cable.
  • An Apple TV 4K (this allows you to benefit from a TV connected to the internet and from the entire Apple app universe directly in your living room).
  • A remote developed by Apple

Your home is not connected to optical fiber? You can still enjoy Salt Home.

Unfortunately, such a speed requires an infrastructure of the latest generation. Therefore, not all addresses are connected to this new network. We do everything we can to deploy it as soon as possible in Switzerland, but it takes some time.

To allow you to enjoy Salt Home even without a fiber optic connection, we have designed an alternative product: the Gigabox.

Thanks to 5G technology, the Gigabox allows you to enjoy Salt Home's Internet and TV services while waiting for the optical fiber to arrive at your home.

Let's celebrate 5 years of Salt Home and 200'000 loyal customers.

Connect Broadband Test: Salt Number 1,
with Outstanding Score of 987/1000

Salt achieved the highest score of 987 points out of a maximum of 1000 in the Connect Magazine fixed broadband test. Salt was recognised as the best regional provider with an "outstanding" rating among all Swiss operators. With a coverage of 2 million households across Switzerland, Salt expands its fiber broadband coverage every month, as the national Fiber to the Home (FTTH) footprint increases.

We are improving continuously for you.


CHF 150.- cashback: frequently asked questions

How can I get the CHF 150.- cashback promo?

Subscribe to Salt Home until March 11th 2024!

When will I receive my welcome credit?

CHF 150.- will be compensated on your first Salt Home bill.

How can I use my welcome credit?

You can pay any charge that appears on your Salt Home bill (subscription fees, activation fees, TV options, 7 days Replay, etc).

What happens to the CHF 150.- credit balance if my first invoice is less than this amount?

The balance will be carried over to your next and subsequent invoices until it is used up.

*Offer valid with a new Salt Home subscription for 24 months in a Salt Store, online at or by phone on 0800 780 800 until 11.03.2024. Monthly price without mobile subscription and with Salt Prepay, Start Max, Swiss 10GB and Surf: CHF 49.95. Activation fees: CHF 99.95. The amount of CHF 150.- will be credited on the first invoice.



Best universal provider in Switzerland.


Best performing fixed broadband internet access.


First-Class Service.


Best tariff for fixed broadband internet access (SIQT).

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