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PrePay SIM card in Switzerland: Choose your Salt SIM card

Looking for a PrePay SIM card in Switzerland? Discover our offers now. Simple and attractive tariffs in Switzerland and abroad.

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You can always recharge credit, no matter where you are:

  • Online
  • In a Salt Store
  • In a Mobilezone subsidiary
  • At SBB ticket machines
  • At ATM
  • In one of our partner shops
  • At the post office
  • At Kiosks

Tariffs & Data Packs.


Calls & SMS in Switzerland
Internet & Data Packs in Switzerland
Calls & SMS in Switzerland

National Tariffs

  • Calls: 0.49/call (60 min max.)
  • SMS: 0.12/SMS

International Tariffs

View our international tariffs:

Internet & Data Packs in Switzerland

Peace of mind surfing with Salt Prepay

  • Unlimited Surf: 1.99/day

Or, you can buy additional Data Packs to surf in Switzerland.

Data Packs in Switzerland

With the Salt PrePay offer, you can choose the Data Pack that suits you best, valid for 30 days, by accessing via the mobile network (does not work via Wi-Fi). 

  • 100 MB / CHF 3.00
  • 500 MB / CHF 9.00
  • 1 GB / CHF 15.00

Data Packs are valid in Switzerland only, and only until the date indicated during the purchase process. Unused Data volume expires at the specified time.


Roaming spending limit:

The spending limit for calls in roaming corresponds to the amount charged on your PrePay card. Data can only be used abroad by purchasing a data package.

Data Packs

You can activate a data pack with a validity of 365 days by visiting (not over Wi-Fi).


Data Packs EUROPE zone:
  • 1.5 GB / CHF 24.95
  • 3 GB / CHF 34.95
  • 12 GB / CHF 99.95
Data Packs TRAVEL zone:
  • 1.5 GB / CHF 39.95
  • 3 GB / CHF 49.95
  • 12 GB / CHF 149.95
Data Packs WORLD zone:
  • 100 MB / CHF 19.95
  • 400 MB / CHF 59.95
  • 1 GB / CHF 149.95
Data Packs FAR zone:
  • 100 MB / CHF 59.95
  • 400 MB / CHF 199.95
  • 1 GB / CHF 399.95


Roaming Talk

To see the rates, click on the zone you are traveling to.

WORLD zone
FAR zone

The PrePay SIM card is the ideal alternative to traditional mobile phone subscriptions, as it allows you to benefit from the same services. With this type of card, you can surf the web, send SMS and receive and make calls, including abroad. PrePay SIM cards are ideal for staying connected at a low price. They are an efficient solution for certain users, including those who do not wish to subscribe to a monthly plan. SIM cards can be activated on any type of mobile phone or smartphone and can be adapted to all types of devices. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from standard format (86 x 54 x 0.76 mm) to nano format (12.30 x 8.80 x 0.67 mm), the latest format.

Why should I buy a PrePay SIM card?

With an affordable and convenient PrePay SIM card, you have two options to choose from to benefit from calls & SMS and internet:

• a limited credit that decreases over the course of your usage, or

• an unlimited credit that expires on a specific date.

The PrePay SIM card competes with monthly mobile phone subscriptions, as it is an extremely advantageous solution for certain users.

First, for users who use their mobile phone only occasionally or who do not want to spend so much money, the PrePay SIM card is a good choice. Today, these users can choose cards with a minimum range of services. Their price adapts to the range of functions offered by the card.

Secondly, some people only want to make international calls in certain exceptional cases. With the PrePay SIM card, it is no longer necessary to subscribe to a price plan that includes cross-border communication. This applies equally to users abroad or on a road trip who urgently need to make a call to a person in another country.

Thirdly, for people who easily lose track of their mobile phone usage, PrePay is the optimal solution. Once the credit is used up, the card is deactivated and you can no longer use the services until you renew them. This option also ensures that you do not exceed your monthly budget.

Since it does not require a subscription and is therefore completely non-binding, it can be activated from one day to the next without having to be constantly renewed afterwards. One of the advantages of this solution is therefore its flexible use.

Where can I buy a PrePay SIM card?

You can buy PrePay SIM cards anywhere, for example at authorised retailers such as certain tobacconists, libraries or large supermarkets, but also at mobile phone providers or network operators.

In Switzerland, Salt offers a solution for buying or recharging your PrePay SIM card online. As the third largest provider on the market, Salt allows you to easily activate your card so you can use it whenever you want.

Note: The PrePay offers are suitable for all types of devices: mobile phones and smartphones. The latest models can also be dual-SIM compatible.

How does a PrePay SIM card work?

Unlike traditional subscriptions, the PrePay SIM card is activated at the request of the user. After the card has been activated, your usage of the services is either time-limited or limited by the available credit.

Most providers offer different recharging options:

• With the classic recharge, you benefit from a fixed credit for internet, SMS and calls. Once the credit has been used up, you must reactivate your credit by recharging your card.

• With an unlimited recharge, you benefit from all telecommunication services and unlimited internet for a fixed period of time.

• With an international recharge, you benefit from an exact credit for internet, SMS and calls abroad. In some cases, the duration or tariff of telecommunication services depends on the countries to which calls are made or SMS are sent.



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