An accident can easily happen and costs a fortune

With Salt Keep & Care and Care, through AXA Insurance, you are covered for:

An expensive repair

Repairing a broken display or a damaged phone1 can cost you an arm and a leg. With Keep & Care, Care and Care Premium, you can put your mind at rest – anytime and anywhere.

Fraudulent call costs

Your data or your call options can be misused for nefarious purposes when your smartphone has been stolen. With Care and Care Premium, you are covered for up to CHF 3'000.–, so you won’t suffer twice after the theft of your mobile.

The purchase of a new mobile

Damaging your smartphone or having it stolen means that you are forced to buy a new one, outside of any offer made as part of your subscription. Care Premium includes an option that saves you from these unexpected and costly expenses!




Easy subscription directly in your nearest Salt Store.

Unique invoicing together with your monthly invoice.

Keep & Care: General conditions of insurance and Product sheet

Care3: General conditions of insurance and Product sheet

Care Premium3General conditions of insurance and Product sheet

Your phone is no longer just a phone, but a real part of yourself: photos, agenda, emails, personal data…. Losing it or having it damaged is often considered a real nightmare.

Nevertheless, even if you are cautious, incidents may happen. Insure your device with Care and you will never again have to worry and can put your mind at rest. You will enjoy a simple and fast claim settlement service.

easy claim

Easy claim filing on
or by phone
+41 44 200 23 92

warranty extension

Warranty extension during
the duration of the contract,
from 1 year, to 3 years2

If you hold an old insurance contract (activated before 20.04.2020), please find our new general conditions from 01.01.2020 here after : CareCare PROMOCare DuoCare Duo PROMOCare PremiumCare Premium PROMORelaxRelax Plus.

1 Only the screen is protected with Keep & Care

2 Care Premium only

3 The assurance can be revoked within the 31 days after the contract signature. The engaged fees will be refunded.

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