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Getting started.

1. What is Salt Mobile Security?

Salt Mobile Security is a mobile security application providing a suite of services that protects mobile users from online attacks, viruses and spyware so you are assured that your mobile device and personal data are protected as you surf the web and download files.

2. Who is eligible to sign-up for Salt Mobile Security?

Salt mobile customers on all postpaid price plans, except mobile broadband data-SIM plans are eligible to sign up.

3. What mobile operating systems do Salt Mobile Security support?

Salt Mobile Security supports both IOS (9.0 and above) and Android (4.2 and above).

4. What is the agreement term for sign up?

Salt Mobile Security is available at CHF 3.95/month. Without minimum duration, it can be activated and deactivated anytime.

The app can only be used for one mobile device per subscription.

5. How do I sign up for Salt Mobile Security service?

You may sign up for this service at any Salt stores. There will be more channels for subscription in the coming future.

6. Is there any termination penalty for Salt Mobile Security service?

It has no minimum contract term. You will be charged for the actual days of usage on your next Salt Mobile bill.

7. I've signed up for Salt Mobile Security. How do I get it to work?

Upon subscribing to the application, an SMS bearing the download link and an activation code for the app will be sent to your mobile number.

Click the link to first download the application and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the application. Your mobile device and data are then protected for as long as you subscribed to Salt Mobile Security.

8. Can I install Salt Mobile Security in my memory card?

Salt Mobile Security is not installed in memory card. It is installed in your mobile device’s internal board memory.

9. I have subscribed to another security provider. Can I still subscribe to Salt Mobile Security?

You can subscribe to Salt Mobile Security even if your phone is already covered by another mobile security app. However, we suggest that you cancel the subscription for the other security provider to avoid paying for both services.

10. I have downloaded the trial version of Salt Mobile Security from App Store/ Play Store. How do I subscribe to Salt Mobile Security with Salt?

Please call our Customer Service to subscribe to the service. Once you receive the activation SMS, follow the instructions to activate the service.

How does Mobile Security work if I change my phone number, SIM card or device?

11. What happens to the downloaded app if I changed my phone but retained the same mobile number?

To continue the service with your new mobile device, you will need to activate Salt Mobile Security on the new mobile device.

Customers will need to contact customer service to request for the new activation code.

Please note that your previous device will no longer be protected by Salt Mobile Security.

12. What if I changed my SIM card but retain the same mobile number and mobile phone?

Your mobile device will still be protected by Salt Mobile Security.

13. I'm changing my phone number to another Salt number that I signed up for. Can I keep my Salt Mobile Security account when I change my phone number?

Yes, the Salt Mobile Security service will remain active in your current phone.

14. Can multi-SIM subscribers install Salt Mobile Security in their other mobile devices sharing the same mobile number?

Salt Mobile Security account is linked to only one mobile device at any one time. The application can be activated into any new devices with the same Salt postpaid number through the same channels as listed in point 5. However, Salt will then cease to work on the previous mobile device.

15. When I change from iOS to Android or vice versa, can the same subscription work on the new phone?

Yes, the subscription will still work on your new phone. You will need to request for a new code by calling our Customer Service to install into the new device.

16. What happens if I switch devices frequently? (Eg: iPhone on weekdays and Android on weekends) Is the subscription interchangeable in this regard?

The Salt Mobile Security application will only work on one device (regardless of operating systems) at any one time. A new code must be requested regardless of whether or not it had Salt installed previously.

17. Can I register for more than 1 subscription using the same mobile number?

No you can’t. Salt Mobile Security account is active on only one mobile device for one mobile number at any one time.

18. I am worried about data charges.

Salt Mobile Security uses a minimal amount of data to scan your applications. The application uses between 2-5Mb a month, depending on the number of applications installed on the phone that has to be scanned through.


19. I did not receive the activation SMS. How do I request for the activation SMS again?

Please call our Customer Service to request for a new activation SMS.

20. If I had ignored a virus warning earlier, how can I remove the virus?

You can run a manual scan to see the warning again. If you ignored the warning of a malicious application, Salt Mobile Security will automatically remind you to remove the threat the next time you run the application.

21. I have not checked for Salt Mobile Security updates in a while. Am I still protected?

Salt Mobile Security will still scan regularly in the background however, please do ensure that the application is updated regularly to maximize the level of protection offered. Either check in the application’s setting that it will update automatically or perform a manual update on a regular basis.

22. How can I see when Salt Mobile Security was last updated and when it performed the last scan of my mobile phone?

The last update to the app will not be displayed however, you can perform a manual check and update of the app at any point.

The last scan performed of the mobile device will be shown on the screen when you launch the app.

23. Will Salt Mobile Security drain my battery faster?

Battery drain due to the running of Salt Mobile Security is negligible.

The protection.

24. Can Salt Mobile Security protect my SIM card too?

Salt Mobile Security does not provide security for your SIM card. Salt Mobile Security is a mobile security application that provides a suite of services that protects mobile users from online and application attacks, viruses and spyware so you are assured that your mobile device and personal data are protected as you surf the web.

25. What kind of malicious software does Salt Mobile Security detect?

Salt Mobile Security protects your mobile device from mobile malware and other digital threats including viruses, worms, spyware and other potential threats.

26. How often does Salt Mobile Security scan for viruses?

Salt Mobile Security automatically scans your device in every 4 hours. You can run a manual scan any time as well.

27. What does Salt Mobile Security scan?

Salt Mobile Security scans the applications on your mobile device.

28. Does Salt Mobile Security scan message content and attachments?

It does not scan message content and attachments.

29. Does Salt Mobile Security detect viruses in the memory card?

Salt Mobile Security scans the applications in your phone.

30. Can Salt Mobile Security stop over-the-air hacking attempts?

Salt Mobile Security prevents the download of malicious and infected applications over-the-air. And the network protection layer is focused on protection on hotspots. It does not, however, block communication sent with Bluetooth or IrDA interfaces.