The Mobile Security
App. The secure
protection on the

Special offer: enjoy the
first month for free!


The Mobile Security App.
The secure protection on the internet.

Special offer: enjoy the
first month for free!



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Options & Services Mobile Security

With our new Mobile Security solution, users on both iOS and Android phones are now protected from all potential sources of threats – viruses, Trojans and other data misuse. From surfing to online shopping to e-banking, protecting your data has never been so simple.

Ease of use

Easy to use and install on your mobile device.
Only CHF 3.95 /month.
No commitment
The price of a coffee!

Carefree security

Nothing to do. Once installed the app runs in the background, your mobile is protected and sensitive data is safe.

Protection on the move

Surf safely on various WiFi networks and hotspots as the app checks the network safety.

Benefit from the services of a guardian angel with our Serenity app. Avoid bad surprises on your bill and enjoy your peace of mind!

Only 2 steps away from a safe mobile internet experience.


Add the Mobile Security option in your Salt MyAccount


You receive an SMS to download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

How mobile devices get infected.


  • Malicious apps
  • Exploiting privileges
  • Vulnerable apps


  • Phishing
  • Malicious hotspots
  • Malicious URL

Device And OS

  • Misconfigurations
  • Rooting/Jailbreaking
  • Outdated OS

The damages.

Compromised email


Data theft

Stolen credentials

Device takeover

Why Salt Mobile Security App?

Mobile devices expose your personal data. Protecting against mobile threats is no longer optional.

 Network attacks

Every time your device connects to a new network, the app scans the network for potential threats (reputation, Malicious hotspots, open WiFi). You are protected whether doing online banking, surfing in the browser or in social networks.

Malicious applications

Identify malicious spyware through apps scanning. Apps and app files stored on the device are scanned for security vulnerabilities and data protection before installation.

OS risks

Keep your operating system protected with a database of all malware and threats that is regularly updated. You are informed if you do not have the latest OS, if your OS comes from an unknown source, and if have some security vulnerability.

The statistics function clearly shows all the dangers averted.


Most asked questions.

You will find down below the 5 most asked questions. For the complete FAQ please visit our Mobile Security app FAQ page.

What is Salt Mobile Security?

Salt Mobile Security is a mobile security application that provides a suite of services that protects mobile users from online attacks, viruses and spyware so you are assured that your mobile device and personal data are protected as you surf the web and download files.

Who is eligible to sign-up for Salt Mobile Security?

Salt mobile customers on all postpaid price plans, except mobile broadband data-SIM plans are eligible to sign up.

What mobile operating systems do Salt Mobile Security support?

Salt Mobile Security supports both IOS (9.0 and above) and Android (4.2 and above).

Will Salt Mobile Security drain my battery faster?

Battery drain due to the running of Salt Mobile Security is negligible.

How do I sign up for Salt Mobile Security service?

You may sign up for this service at any Salt stores. There will be more channels for subscription in You can activate this service in any Salt Store or on "My Account".