Help Home Internet Troubleshooting

Salt Home – installation tips and tricks

  • Ensure that your services are active
  • Handle the optical fibre cable carefully, as it is very fragile (absolutely avoid bending it or making right angles)
  • Use only a cable supplied by Salt
  • Ensure that the optical outlet port to which the optical cable must be plugged is the one that was communicated to you
  • Verify that the connectors of the optical cable are properly plugged in.
  • Concerning the use of Wi-Fi, you can find our tips & tricks on the dedicated page.

No internet - troubleshooting instructions

The following troubleshooting steps will help you to fix connection problems. We recommend completing all of these steps before contacting us when facing connection problems.

The following steps can be applied to solve common problems that cause the loss of the Internet connection (no device can establish a connection to the Internet, whether via Wi-Fi or Ethernet).

If your internet connection is working and you are experiencing problems with your Wi-Fi connection, please consult this dedicated page.

If you have queries regarding the connection speed, please visit this page.

1. Make sure that your services are active

You can skip this step if your Salt optical connection worked before.

When your services are active, you will receive an email. Check your inbox (including the spam/junk folder). You can also verify the activation status of your line in your personal account.

At the wished activation date, look for the email containing the activation date (including in the spam/junk folders).
If you did not specify any date and provided an OTO ID, the activation may take up to 20 days. Without OTO ID, the activation may take up to 5 weeks; however, in this case, you should have received an email confirming the visit of a technician.

If you have not received the email with the activation date or the appointment of a technician, please contact us 0800 700 500.

2. Ensure that your Fiber Box launches properly

Restart your Fiber Box and monitor the booting sequence.
img Standard Booth

Once the booting sequence is completed, several LED will light up green:

  • LED Power:
    Led power on
  • LED Fiber:
    Led Fiber on
  • LED WWW:
    Led www on

If the booting sequence repeats itself in a loop, contact us at <0800700500>.

If at least one of these LED is not lit green:

  • If the LED Power is off, check the power supply (try plugging it directly into the wall socket, without using an extension cord or power strips).
  • If the power LED blinks red, the Fiber Box is being updated, do not turn off the Fiber Box and wait for the update to be completed before proceeding further.
  • If the LED Fiber and/or the LED WWW are not lit green -> check the connection of your Fiber Box. (See Make sure that your Fiber Box is connected correctly).

If all LED Power, Fiber or WWW are lit green, your Internet connection is working properly.

Make sure you do not have any outstanding amounts for several weeks (check your balance in your personal account and pay the balance due if necessary).

Then test the connection of your device to the Fiber Box.

3. Make sure that your Fiber Box is connected correctly

  • Make sure that your Fiber Box is connected to the electrical outlet through the power supply. The LED Power must light green.
    Led power on

  • Be sure to use the Salt optical cable supplied with the Fiber Box.
    If the cable is damaged (you can feel a break in the fibre inside the cable) -> you can replace it in one of our Salt Stores or by contacting us at 0800 700 500.

  • Make sure that the optical cable is properly connected to the SFP port of the Fiber Box.
    Img connected

  • Make sure that the optical outlet is not damaged (on your wall or in the multimedia cabinet).
    If the optical outlet is damaged, its interface is damaged or missing, or the outlet is not accessible because it is buried in the wall -> contact us at 0800 700 500.
    If the optical outlet is not visible -> please contact the owner or, if you are the owner, contact an electrician to have the optical outlet installed or moved.
    Note: If you placed an order indicating that you do not have an optical outlet (without OTO ID), a technician will have to install the optical outlet (check your email for an email notifying you about the visit of a technician).

  • Make sure that the other end of the optical cable is properly plugged into the optical outlet. The connector should "click" when inserted.

  • Make sure that the optical cable is connected to the right port. You will find the number of the port to be used either:
    • In your personal account
    • In the activation email that you received. The email is entitled "Salt Home - Activation of your connection and services". Verify in your spam folder if you cannot find the email in your inbox.

  • Double-check that the number on your optical outlet is the same as the number displayed in your personal account.

  • Once you have carried out all the verifications and the LED Power, Fiber and WWW of the Fiber Box are still not lit in green -> please contact us at 0800 700 500.