Wi-Fi Tips & Tricks

Discover our practical tips for optimising the performance of the Fiber box and your Wi-Fi connection.

Reset your Fiber Box on a regular basis.



Place the Fiber Box in central location in your house.

Place the Fiber Box horizontally and, if possible, in a high position.

Do not place the Fiber Box:

  • behind or under a TV set,
  • behind, in a furniture,
  • near electronic devices or an aquarium.

Note: Concrete walls and floors as well as metal objects tend to block the Wi-Fi signal. Placing the Fiber Box in multimedia cabinets can also weaken the signal.

If your device is in the proximity of your Fiber Box, use the Salt_5Ghz_SSID_NAME_OF_YOUR_BOX network.

If your device is far from your Fiber Box, choose the Salt_2Ghz_SSID_NAME_OF_YOUR_BOX network.

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