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High-speed performance,
for your home office,
streaming, gaming…
and much more.




High-speed performance,
for your home office,
streaming, gaming…
and much more.

Salt Home includes:
10 Gbit/s internet technology,
unlimited fixed telephony
and more than 280 TV channels.





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Home Internet

Breathtaking internet access.

Salt Home boasts exceptional performances and remains unbeaten since its launch in March 2018. This is the result of nPerf's annual barometer of fixed internet connections in Switzerland. In 2022, Salt Home again left its competitors behind in all areas in terms of download/upload speed and latency.

Example of the time it takes to download a 5 GB movie or file:

The Fiber Box X6 has a unique design and exceptional performances with a reduced ecological footprint:

The connection of your Fiber Box supports the 10 Gbit/s internet technology and you can connect all your devices without reductions in speed. Your friends can join you without drops in speed!

Extend the range of your WiFi.

It's that simple. With the Wi-Fi Box extender available as an option, you can easily and automatically extend your Wi-Fi coverage. All you need to do is plug it into an electrical outlet and it configures itself and optimises its radio connection depending on the environment to guarantee a seamless Wi-Fi connection.

Salt Extender

An optimal connection for everyone.

Thought for the whole family… connected simultaneously

If you aren't the only one at home who needs a fast connection, don't worry, we got you covered! With Salt Home you can stream your series, while someone else checks their emails and surfs the web ... all at the same time and from various devices! Say goodbye to bandwidth problems. There will be no more fights about the internet speed: it will be fast enough for everyone!


Gamers…stay one step ahead of your opponents.

The fiber-optic technology is the fastest and most stable technology on the market. With Salt Home, you will always be one step ahead of your opponents. Its 8 Gbit/s speed (upload and download) and its near-zero "ping" will allow you to stream your favourite games live and to download your torrents in the background without impacting your game experience. Freezes, lags and connection losses now are a thing of the past.

Your home is not connected to optical fiber? You can still enjoy Salt Home.

Unfortunately, such a speed requires an infrastructure of the latest generation. Therefore, not all addresses are connected to this new network. We do everything we can to deploy it as soon as possible in Switzerland, but it takes some time.

To allow you to enjoy Salt Home even without a fiber optic connection, we have designed an alternative product: the Gigabox.

Thanks to 5G technology, the Gigabox allows you to enjoy Salt Home's Internet and TV services while waiting for the optical fiber to arrive at your home.

*Without mobile subscription and with Salt Prepay, Start Max, Swiss 10GB and Surf : CHF 49.95/month.

Download and perform network test

Would you like to know the performance of your network? Then you can do so by checking the data and the maps or by measuring it yourself with the tools and the app on



Best universal provider in Switzerland.


Best performing fixed broadband internet access.


First-Class Service.


Best tariff for fixed broadband internet access (SIQT).

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