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Start Max: The practical mobile subscription for Switzerland.

Explore Unlimited calls and SMS, 5 GB internet in CH. 


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In Switzerland

Beyond 5 GB, the Internet connection is blocked by default. To continue surfing, our Data Packs are available here.

5 GB Internet at maximum speed 5G (up to 1,7 Gbit/s). Unlimited calls & SMS.

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Stay connected across Switzerland.

Discover the Start Max mobile subscription, designed for those who want to stay connected on a budget. With unlimited calls and SMS in Switzerland, you can communicate with your friends and family anywhere in the country.

5 GB for your everyday needs.

The Start Max mobile subscription includes 5 GB of Internet, so you can check your e-mails, surf the internet and use your usual applications. Start Max is ideal for users who don't need a lot of data, but want to remain reachable at any time.

Why Salt?

Outstanding mobile network

Outstanding mobile network

Enjoy Salt’s fast and reliable network, officially ranked outstanding in this year’s Connect test.

First-class service

First-class service

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Keep your number

Keep your number

Select to keep your number when you order online and we will take care of the rest.

Details of the offer

Offer conditions

Minimum contract duration: 24 months. 

Activation fees: CHF 59.95, SIM card included.

Additional roaming data: Data DayPass available to use internet while abroad in the EUROPE or TRAVEL zone.