Europe Max: The unlimited mobile subscription
for travelling Europe.

Boundless, worry-free connectivity across Europe!

Europe Max
Europe Max
Europe Max

Lifetime discount 


Instead of

Europe Max



Instead of

In Switzerland

Unlimited Internet at maximum speed 5G (up to 1,7 Gbit/s). Unlimited calls & SMS.


In Europe

Beyond 40 GB, the speed is reduced to 128 kbit/s.

List of 30 countries included in the subscription here.

Unlimited Internet incl. 40GB at highspeed. Unlimited calls & SMS to Switzerland and within the visited country.

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europe max

Discover Europe without limits.

With the Europe Max mobile subscription, enjoy a complete plan including unlimited calls, SMS, and internet in Switzerland and across Europe, to stay connected without limits during your travels.

Europe XL

Your travel companion.

Whether you are on a business trip or on holiday, the Europe Max plan will accompany you in all your adventures. Discover new horizons, watch your favourite movies on Netflix, and host live streams on Twitch and TikTok with your community thanks to unlimited internet connection, including 40 GB of high-speed. Travellers, streamers, binge-watchers, the Europe Max plan is made for you!

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Outstanding mobile network

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Keep your number

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Details of the offer

Offer conditions

This offer is valid until 24.06.2024 for a new Europe Max mobile subscription for 29.95/month instead of 82.95/month.

Discount: discount applied lifetime for online orders only.

Minimum contract duration: 24 months.

Activation fees: CHF 59.95, SIM card included.

Included roaming data: Data in the EUROPE zone up to a maximum of 40GB per month, then speed reduction to 128 Kbits/s. In majority of Europe, list of countries on

Additional roaming data: Data DayPass available to use internet while abroad in the TRAVEL zone.